You know what you should do, but there is something else that holds you back.

You “should” eat better, you “should” lose weight, you “should” exercise, you “should” start a budget and make more money, and...and...and...think about all the things that run through your head on a daily basis, there is always something that “should” be done, it’s a never ending to do list.

Whether it’s to make yourself or your surroundings better, sometimes to even try and make someone else better.

Often times the ideas of what you “should” be doing are coming from external influences.

They aren’t even in line with your own desires or life goals. 

Yet you drool and daydream over photos of people doing just that. And wish that for yourself, thinking “If only…”

What if you re-framed the idea that the lives and lifestyles we daydreamed about were only for the people in the pictures?

What if you realized that you could be the people in the pictures?

And you could do the things you thought were only for someone else.

The only difference between “us” and “them” is that they decided not to wait any more.

What if…

Old habits are comfortable, and comforting.

Remembering the end result that you want to achieve is what will make you say “no” to what is going to derail your vision and mission.

Knowing your bigger “why” is the essence beneath “what” it is that you want to do.

Make your day the best that it can be!

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As the founder of, Lisa Corkum provides proven strategies for personal development and coaching that will help you improve all areas of life, whether it’s weight management, well-being or purpose, starting where you are right now, today, without frustration and restriction.

Along with Professional Coaching Certification, Lisa has studied Natural Nutrition, and completed Weight Loss Coach Training.

Lisa will show you how to use your dreams to create a plan, then take action!