Securing a seat in a medical school is a bridge to a bright future as a successful physician. It is a gateway to loads of knowledge, power, and, most importantly, humanity. What often seems distant on obtainable, getting accepted in your dream medical school is not a hassle if prepared properly. Medical schools filter the applicants through various application processes. one of these being writing an extraordinary medical school personal statement. It is a key factor that decides whether you will qualify for the interview round or not.

best medical school personal statement

Why is the medical school personal statement so important?

Since everybody applying for a medical school is pre-med students having a similar academic background. A medical school personal statement contains the extracurricular activities, research work, and other volunteer work performed by the applicant, along with the academic qualification that separates them from the rest of the crowd. Students are meant to write their personal statements in an intriguing way that grabs the attention of the interview panel and makes them read through the end. It shall contain short and relevant stories of certain instances that motivated them to choose a career in medicine. A well-crafted medical school personal statement showcases a candidate's personality and writing skills. That is why candidates choose to get help from a professional Medical School consultant who is an experienced professional and equipped to help you through the complete admission process.

What is the goal of your personal statement?

The primary goal of the best medical school personal statement is to engage the admissions committee and want to learn more about you. The admission panel makes a rough idea about your personality and enthusiasm about medicine by reading your personal statement. Therefore it is considered more crucial than actually attending an interview round. Penning down unique and related stories in your essay that can showcase your character positively and reflect how enthusiastically you want to serve society. However, you must make a note about not bragging about something you haven't done or writing irrelevant stories that may not help you to secure your seat in medical school.

Check out the below-listed mistakes that must be avoided while writing a Medical School personal statement:

1. Do not start bragging about your High School aur Elementary School achievements, as they can prove to be of no help to the admission committee for selecting you. The medals you won in your High School mean nothing in the medical school admission process, rather replace those stories with some instances that portray how you helped in the betterment of society.

2. Moreover, do not exaggerate your knowledge about medicine as you are still a fresher, wishing to secure a seat in medical school.

3. And lastly, do not start reframing your resume as the medical school admissions committee has already gone through it and looking for something extraordinary in your personal statement.

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