In life coaching, your coach simply wants the best for you. But your mind is not designed for change. Your mind is designed to keep things the same. Your mind is designed to keep things going in a similar direction, because your mind is designed to keep you safe.

The problem is that when you make safe decisions, you are not changing. You are limiting yourself to experiences that will not lift you into the life of your dreams. The fabulous experiences you can experience will occur when you step outside of this safety zone.

When you allow an excellent coach to uplift you, change can happen. A life coach who has your highest and best intentions in mind will help you get there. Your coach’s job is to work with you to create an amazing future. What if your future were suddenly allowed to become delicious? Fabulous? You can create a life that will blow you away. Your coach’s job is to help you create the life of your dreams.

When your coach begins to work with you on this, the mind will resist.

The mind will make the coach wrong. The mind will call your coach stupid. The mind will make up all the reasons as to why change should not occur. The mind will rattle off a list of reasons, with total clarity, that actually make sense. “This will never work! Change is scary!” Change means you have to do things in a different way.

The reason your last coach couldn’t coach you was most likely because your last coach was trying to coach your mind.

There is another level of coaching, and some coaches embrace it. For instance, at Inspired Action Coaching, we get you to see the mind for what it is. We help you go beyond the limitations you set with your mind every day.

After all, the mind is nothing more than a clump of cells. See your mind for what it really is. Your mind is nothing more than an accumulation of habitual ways of observing and viewing the world. It is the way in which you react. In fact, you are not your mind. There is more. The essence of you is greater than the cells of your body. The mind is basically energy moving through neurons in your brain.

Here is an experiment. Next time you’re in a bad mood, just stop and suggest to your mind to be in a good mood. Just pretend the bad mood is fake, and you can turn a switch and feel good about something else. Watch what happens. It’s crazy. The mind will go wherever you lead it.
When you start to see that your mind is just protecting the body – doing a great job of keeping you safe from danger – you can begin to “call the mind” on its suggestions. Your mind is just trying to keep you alive.

What if instead of staying safe, you commit to change? You simply allow your mind to try to steer you away from danger, then choose something else. With options, you have power. You become free from fear forever. Now you are ready for a new coach to lead you into uncharted territory.

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