In this digital era, getting a Smartphone has become a milestone for every kid. Since the last decade, smartphones have managed to make an integral part in the daily life of the individual. Parents often provide their kids with the Smartphone in order to make the commute easier and stay updated about the whereabouts of their kid. However, it is aptly quoted; everything has positive as well as negative consequences. Extra exploitation of anything can be dangerous; with kids continuously sticking to the phone can have severe side effects on their physical and mental growth. Once the child treads into pre-teen years they demand the need of smartphones and not providing one can become a threat of being socially outcast.

However to deal with the situation, parents should make it a practice to monitor the kid’s activities by using different parental solution applications available in the market or by restricting the browsing of adult websites and other sensitive contents from their phone. Undoubtedly, kids these days are smart enough to use electronic gadgets, but parents must take the best possible action in order to keep their child safe from unnecessary online activities.

Apple being one of the top brands in the world of Smartphone has implemented numerous ways to control the viewing content. Today, there are hundreds of websites that contain adult content and one can easily come across it without even realizing. Apple has implemented various ways to control the viewing of such contents and here are some of the steps which can help individual know how to block porn on iPhone.

The integrated web restriction system makes it easier for one to easily restrict in the type of content they don’t wish to see. Blocking website content is easier one can easily complete the procedure with few clicks. Go to the setting icon present in your iOS device.

a. Then navigate yourself to the general tab, scroll down and look for the restriction option provided.

b. Select the restriction, click on enable and set a passcode. The passcode will be needed when one wishes to change the restriction setting or needs to turn it off.

c. After setting the passcode, go to the allowed content tab and tap on websites, afterward click on the limit adult website to complete the procedure.

Moreover, one can also block some of the specific websites or add a website that one wish to block or restrict on the phone. Restricting such sensitive contents from the kid's phone can help keep the device protected from the malicious activities while ensuring the parents that child will not accidentally come across the content which is not suitable for their age. Block adult sites on iPad using the provided method and be ensured that your kid is not provided with some explicit contents over the net.

However, for better parenting, parents often consider using the parental applications which provides them the complete power to monitor on the kid’s online activities and regulate them. With the advancement in technology, it is high time parents must become digitally active and smarter in order to easily deal with their child.

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