“The spiritual path is a process of clearing away everything that is not you, clearing away the blocks to love.”
Sharon Gardner, Unfolding Journey

There are times in each of our lives when we throw up our hands and ask why me? Many get bogged down in frustration, anger, and blaming of others, God or themselves. Unfortunately, if those feelings take hold they overshadow the positive that lies within each experience.

One of the most important cornerstones of my spiritual beliefs is that if it is happening, it is supposed to be happening, or it wouldn’t be happening. And the worst the experience is, the more painful or heartbreaking, the greater the lessons to be learned. With this view of the “bad” things that happen, it softens the pain.

When I was going through the horrible experience of the break-up of my 27 year marriage, I kept asking for help in sorting out the lessons that were there to be mined, like veins of gold. Because I stayed open to the lessons that were hidden in each tear-filled experience, I was able to grow into a much happier, more fulfilled woman than I could have imagined or hoped for. I have thanked my ex husband many times for giving me those painful lessons that turned out to be the greatest blessings of my life.

Are you, or have you recently had a painful experience? What did you learn about yourself and how are you a better person? If you don’t know, then you have some work to do. Maybe you did something ten years ago and have been blaming yourself ever since. Do you talk about it as a mistake? There is no such thing as a mistake if you learn the lesson. Sometimes you have to go back to get the lessons, but they are there, waiting for you to sort them out.

To discover the lessons, all you have to do is ask yourself what you are supposed to learn; how can you become a better, stronger, happier person; and what can you do to keep from having to go through that again. Often, all you need to do is garner the lesson and you will not have to experience that kind of pain again.
So the next time you find yourself in the middle of a painful experience, allow your sense of humor to enter and realize that it’s just another A.F.L.E. (Another F--king Learning Experience.) I don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s effective to just say it!. It’s amazing how helpful that can be.

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