Why is laughter so important in the healing process?

One of my favorite clients is fond of saying, “Laughter is the cheapest medicine!” Three basic reasons why:

1. Laughter lightens up your spirit by shifting your emotions. You create a more positive frame of mind through laughter.

2. Laughter literally creates movement in your power center – meaning your solar plexus, right in the middle of your abdomen. That movement releases stuck, stagnant energy as well as provides healthful movement for your internal organs, supporting overall well-being.

3. Last but not least, ultimately all healing is self-healing. Healers facilitate your healing, but without your realization and subsequent personal growth, no lasting healing occurs. Humor and laughter make your healing process more enjoyable, as with those elements you feel safer. Judgment is released. It’s easiest to accept even the harshest truth and ugliest self-realizations when humor is included in your perspective.

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Miracles and blessings!
Dr. Renee

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