The use of talismans dates back to prehistoric times and continues to this day. People believed that various objects had supernatural properties that helped them deal with everyday problems. Whether it's luck, finding a partner, protection from evil forces and bad people - the mascots were there. However, there is one area of life in which they are used a lot, but not much is said about it - divination of the future.
For thousands of years, people have been eager to understand their future, to know what fate awaits them, to be prepared for it. They used a variety of methods for this - scientific (based on statistics and mathematics) and non-scientific - which we will write about today. People who anticipate the future have been respected in society. Well, at least as long as their predictions were correct.
Non-scientific ways of predicting the future include various types of divination - on the entrails of sacrificial animals, on the behavior of animals in nature, on strange celestial phenomena, using systems of divination cards or other objects - sticks, bones, stones. The famous fortune teller Nostradamus used opiates while staring at a bowl of water. Others use complex systems of letters and numbers in human names and sacred religious texts, divining coffee, the lines of the hand, the position of the stars. There are thousands of ways to divination.
Here comes the place of mascots. Shamans and all people trying to predict the future believe that some talismans increase their abilities. Most often, these talismans are used during sleep to increase prophetic dreams by placing them under pillows or near the sleeper's head. These are usually semi-precious stones, sigils from different systems or Islamic talismans - taweez. The latter have centuries-old traditions in this field. They are used in a variety of cases - understanding a future partner, finding lost or stolen items, understanding the name of a thief, information about future events, learning secrets, even finding buried treasures. Of course, most dreams are in allegorical form and need interpretation. Rarely is information presented directly. According to the Mystics - in order for the information obtained to be reliable when using taweez - when you sleep, your head should be directed in the direction of the holy city of Mecca. Only then will you get the most accurate answers.
The talismans themselves - tashees - are small folded sheets of paper with words, numbers and symbols in Arabic, written on them in special ink. They are made by specially trained Islamic mystics - Sufis - and are energized by reciting certain words and phrases, usually related to the Qur'an, many times.

Some mystics claim that the seeker of answers must write his own handwriting and charge it energetically just before bedtime, during which time he should not talk to anyone and should not make any sounds on any occasion. Of course, many of the rules of divination have been added and removed over the centuries, and no one knows what these methods looked like in the beginning. The questions can be written on the taweez itself, on a separate sheet of paper or just think about them while you sleep. The answers come from the subconscious amplified with the help of these talismans. According to some mystics, with their help a portal is opened between our material world and the spiritual world. Of course, whether this is the case or not - no one knows. It is very likely that all this is the result of a placebo effect and delusion. The fact is, however, that many discoveries in science have been made after prophetic dreams. Didn't these discoverers use talismans while they slept?

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