Studies have proven that long-term sedentary positions is not good and can be a risk to health. Prolong sitting on a chair with little to no movement of the spine can develop into something very hazardous to the health of an individual. With the present work culture where sitting on a chair is not something you can avoid the need for an ergonomic chair is very genuine. Having an ergonomic chair is indeed a valuable asset and it is generally the first think that most of us think about when we want to enhance the How We Work. But the problem is that even after knowing about the numerous benefits of ergonomic chair the thing that holds back most of us is the cost. Most ergonomic chairs available in the market comes with a hefty price tag and it is not always possible for many enterprises to bear this miscellaneous expense.

But having an ergonomic chair is still very much required in a professional work environment. Popular ergonomic resource website, Free Your Spine is here to give us some insight and reasons why you should use an ergonomic office chair:

1. Provide the comfort your team needs: Today’s work culture is such that most of the workforce spend at least 80% of their work hours sitting on the chair. So the primary objective of an ergonomic chair is to provide the comfort which it achieve in most cases. Comfort is required because where there is no comfort the team can feel stressed or go out of focus and that is not good at all because it will directly hamper the productivity.

2. Lower down the health issues your team might face: Ergonomic chair is designed to support not only the spine but it also correct the sitting posture of the executive. This reduces the lower back problems which employees would face if they keep on sitting on traditional office chairs. Ergonomic office chairs provide proper support to upper back, lower back, shoulders and hips, leaving no space for injuries.

3. Let the team perform task easily: The best thing about ergonomic chairs is that they are so comfortable that the employees perform dedicatedly at the workplace. These chairs supports every part of the body and help to relieve the body with perfection. The support that ergonomic office chairs provide keep the muscles relaxed hence the employee can perform his/her task easily.

4. Lesser sick leaves: One thing that is very relatable with ergonomic chairs is that they provide support to every part of the body so the employees feel less tired and strained and hence takes lesser sick leaves. This ultimately adds up to the productivity level otherwise losing the precious work hours can make any work overdue and fall short of the deadline.

If you are looking for some affordable ergonomic office chairs options then also there are some brands that have made it possible for the enterprises to get them under an economical price tag. Some of the options are as follows:

• Herman Miller Embody Chair
• Steelcase Gesture Chair
• Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair
• Haworth Zody Chair
• Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
• Herman Miller’s Sayl Chair
• Serta Mid-Back Office Chair
• Serta Mid-Back Office Chair
• Flash Furniture Mesh Mid-Back
• Flash Furniture Mesh Mid-Back

There are a plethora of such brands that have developed ergonomic office chairs that are not very costly. To know more you can click here to find the best, most affordable and reliable brands that best fits your budget.

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