Meditation is very fashionable today, when our stressful life is taking its toll on our existence. We receive information, advice and directions on all levels, telling us what to do, how and when to do it. The biggest problem with all this good advice is that every person is different and what works for one, might not work for another. Many find themselves in the frustrating situation in which they cannot apply the directions and often feel disappointment for not being as spiritual as others.

What problems may occur?

The first obstacle you may encounter is knowledge. Whatever you'd like to involve yourself into, you must know as much as you can about the subject. This is a critical condition for doing it the right way.

So, what should you know about meditation?

First of all, the verb "to meditate", does not exist. It is in fact a contradiction between what meditation is and the role of a verb. Meditation is not an action, more like a non action. And because of that, to even get close to the feeling, you need to relax. Relax your muscles, your mind and your emotional state. This means that thoughts are not roaming freely in your head, you have a pleasant posture that does not strain your muscles and you don't feel tensed because someone upset you an hour ago or you're waiting for the results to an exam.

Why do obstacles appear in your way?

That usually happens because you didn't prioritize. Most of the time, you want to meditate thinking this state will help your life or ease some of the struggles you face. But are you ready to put everything behind you and just relax? Those same issues that annoy you and make your life miserable are blocking your path right now.
Let's see how we can remove some of those obstacles.

Choosing a proper place to relax

You need to be alone, in a room where no one will bother you for an hour or two, or in nature, somewhere in a remote place, with only birds and trees as your company. Especially if you are a beginner, know that you need to be absolutely comfortable and secure in order to give up on your mind's control.

When mind plays tricks on us

You know it is important to be AWARE while in meditation, but don't strain yourself waiting for something to happen. I know you read and heard about a lot of wonderful experiences, but you'll surely have your own, at the right time. Not expecting anything you'll invite it to manifest. Relax and just BE.

Schedule your meditation

Even when we found the ideal location, settled our minds into quiet and peace, we still have one more obstacle to overcome: repeatability of the experience. Gain in practicing meditation comes only when we make it regularly. It doesn't matter if it is morning, noon or evening, but it has a huge importance to do it often. Our mind loves rules, so a way to use this to your advantage is to insert meditation in your schedule.

Make an appointment with your inner self everyday and you'll experience more than you think.

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I'm a publisher on and my main interest is holistic medicine. I love reading and writing about animals and nature too, since my profession is of Veterinary doctor. Spirituality and health are also domains in my list of interests.