Whose Essence is it….

I was watching the news today and it seem like it was all about the election coming up. Each candidate saying what they thought was good for us. I started to think and I am saying to myself how do they know what is best for you or for me. I look around every day and see thousands of people getting up and going to a job that they do not like, or a life that does not make them happy. Most people do not know what is best for them, so how can the Politicians know or any one else know, for that matter, what is best for them. This is just part of how I came up with this thought; I am not making this a political statement. Well maybe, a little.

The reason why most people go to a job everyday that they don’t like, or live in a area they don’t want to be in, or whatever else makes them unhappy, is because they don’t know their essence, what their purpose in life is, or the person they were meant to be. Living a life without living your essence, is living a life without passion. All of us have that thing inside of us, that belief, that feeling, that I can be what I want to be, that I can be happy and creating values. We get caught up in a life that doesn’t fit us. Most times we don’t know how that happens but it does. All of a sudden, we buried the passion and put it on hold and after a few years the flame of the passion is extinguish. I believe that we all have a purpose on this earth and if you are not living it then you are not living the joy of life, but the burden of life. What most people are doing is an injustice to them and to Humanity, if we are not living our essence, we are not helping others, and we are taking more out of Society then putting in.

It is never too late to start living your true life, the life with passion and desires. It is not that hard to start. Remember your child of the past, when you were young and your imagination ran wild. Bring that child back and start to feel and think about that imagination let it wash over you, introduce yourself to that child and go play. That’s all it takes to start. Imagine of all of us were living our essence, do you think this world would be in the shape that it is in now? Imagine what the world would be if we all were living our essence. Imagine what you world would be like if you were living yours?

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Coach Charlie
Charlie Moore CPC, CMC
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Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table.

Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management. Quote, “I always focus on my client’s needs and wants; and being honest at all times, this always helps to build long term relationships.”

Currently, Mr. Moore is Co-Host on Three National calls each week. The focus of these calls pertains to finding the powers within you. This is the first step towards becoming a self-leader which is essential to any success in life and can be done via two simple concepts, says Mr. Moore, “Pure Love and Pure Honesty.”

You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help you see and find the answers within you leading towards your personal successes. That is what a Life Coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals, and your personal desires.

This is my life’s motivation and essence, to help people become the person they always wanted to be. It took me a long time to get here, and now, I don’t want to see another person waste years trying to find the way themselves. As your personal Life Coach, I will help show you the way.

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