Who's in charge? You or your beliefs?

This is a question that has intrigued me and many other self development buffs for many years. If you listen to most people explaining their life situations, one must take the stance that it is the beliefs that are in charge.

I have to do this or I can't do that... the bylines of the beliefs.

So many people spend their lives living at ridiculously low levels of success and health because they avidly support the notion that their beliefs are hard wired and that there is nothing they can do to effectively change their life situation.

We do know that each individual lives their life according to what they believe is true. In our society, we tend to believe that people who are rich or famous or more educated tend to be more capable as people than those who have fallen short of these attributes, or people who live in the country are happier than city folk. When we look deeper, we find this is not necessarily true though. Each person is just different.

What we do know is that, until self consciousness or self realization is attained, the individual will create a life style that satisfies and supports his perception of the world. Happiness, good health and fulfillment are not necessarily even in the equation.In reality, every one of us, until we reach a high level of consciousness is just trying to get through the day.

As we grew through our childhood we learned to cope with whatever our life handed us. These techniques became engrained in our psyche and our egoic mind causing our own personal perception of the world to manifest the life we live, good or bad.

One of the new revelations that has come into focus in the world of personal evolution is that our beliefs do not have control over the outcomes of our lives unless we choose to let them. We are separate entities from our thoughts. We are not obligated to live out the dictates of our mind. We can be free!

Techniques for reclaiming our power and freedom are now available. All the student needs is the willingness to take charge of their life to make use of them.

One of the techniques that was given to me to end the power struggle in my mind is a very simple little tool that anyone can learn as fast as they can read this article.

Here it is. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Allow your mind to run freely but stay detached from the thoughts as if you are watching them on TV. Each time that you catch yourself getting caught up in a thought, stop the connection by choosing to do so, relax yourself and refocus on your breathing. As you breathe, pay attention to the feelings in your body. Each time you release the emotional charge from a thought, return your body to relax mode. Soon your thoughts will disappear into a feeling of peaceful bliss as the thoughts lose their power from lack of emotional fuel.

Eventually, the skill will be developed well enough that when a distractive thought appears, the emotional connection can be turned off quickly leaving the thought with no fuel and no connection. The result being a sense of inner peace.

No person is obligated to let the thoughts in their mind live or to be acted upon. We always have choice and alternatives. When the separation between the individual and the thought is understood and proper mind management is instilled, true personal power can begin.

When conscious choices are made that change the outcome, true self empowerment is attained. Life is meant to be lived open and free in connection with the universe and our higher purpose. Living life restricted by our beliefs can never be a path to any true freedom. Getting past ineffective beliefs by making new choices is key.

True living is not about striving to be or to have, it is about being our true self in every moment of our lives. If we live in our truth, we will always have.

So, who is in charge? We are of course, as it always has been.

The best coping technique there is comes from not having to cope at all.

Author's Bio: 

Monty Ritchings is author of Embracing The Blend and Stamp Out Stress. For over 40 years he has studied and practiced mindful arts, mysticism and intuitive practices.

Monty's focus in his healing services is to help people release themselves from the "prison" of their past.

Monty's website is www.powerofsafety.com