From Pathways to Wholeness, p. 85-86
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I created this exercise for my own personal healing journey, and share
various versions of it with my clients on a regular basis. The exercise can
be practiced daily. If we have physical health issues or any sort of
difficult emotional history or trauma, I suggest the exercise be practiced
as often as possible. It is deeply soothing and healing and meant to help
us contact our “authentic self” … the one that is exquisitely formed, whole,
unified, and at perfect peace.

• We lie comfortably on our couch, bed or floor, or stand in Wu-Chi as
directed in Meditative Walking. I prefer standing in Wu-Chi for this
experience, and I enjoy completing the visualization in bed before sleep
and after awakening in the morning.

• If standing, we place our hands on our back at our kidney area. Palms
are facing our back, if we can hold them there in comfort. If not, we
use the back of our hands. We move our hands in a circular fashion,
starting in the center of our back and moving toward the outside of
our body. We massage our kidneys in this bi-lateral (both sides),
circular way for a minute or two (illustration page 86).

• Standing quietly, feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, we
begin to draw the infinity symbol (figure 8) with our abdomen and
hips. We keep our hips facing forward and imagine that our “belly
button” is the point of a pencil. We use the “pencil” (belly button) to
draw the infinity symbol, and we keep our concentration on our
abdominal area as we move. Gradually we learn to allow our body
to automatically bring us back to center. We do this movement for a
minute or two. The balancing effects are cumulative.

• Standing quietly with our infinity symbols completed, hands resting at
our kidney area, we begin the visualization. (If reclining, the visualization
begins now also.) We breathe quietly from our abdomen, and let our
shoulders soften and drop. We visualize a white or yellow light filling
our entire body from head to toe. We take as long as necessary to see
the light fill us completely. It is very important to see our whole self
fill with light.

• Once we see our self filled with white or yellow light, we go deeper
into the meditation, and begin to visualize our nervous system,
especially our head, neck and spine. Our nervous system appears to
us as iridescent blue.

• Once we have our nervous system in view, we leave that mental picture
and begin to visualize a translucent, very pale pink light, filling our
entire body. It is very important to see our whole self filled with this
light, from our crown to the tip of our toes. This light is extremely
soothing and healing. We stay within this light until we feel we have
completed the exercise. If we have any physical or emotional pain or
an illness, we stay in this light as long as we feel comfortable doing so.

• When we feel ready, we simply open our eyes and come back into our
quiet, conscious mind, feeling wonderfully relaxed and soothed. If
we are preparing to sleep, we continue as we are, and drift into a
sound slumber.

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