How’s 2016 going so far? I was afforded the honor of beginning this year with a blog talk radio show appearance with Al Diaz, international speaker, author, producer, and show host. So on Saturday morning, 10 am PST on January 2, I found myself warming up my voice a couple hours earlier than I usually utter sounds. Why? Because I joyously live in Hawai’i, and for us out here in the mid-Pacific, that’s o’dark thirty, HST! I chose, of course, to allow the flow, you know?

While responding to Al’s interview questions regarding my eagerly-anticipated topic, “Who’s Driving Your Core? Merge w/Divinity,” I found myself feeling warm, happy, grateful, and appreciating the new influx of energy this year. The seasons don’t change much here – we have rainy season, and not quite so rainy season. So the concepts of winter evolving into spring are much less obvious for those aligned closely with nature’s seasonal changes in manifestation. There’s an ever-present spring-like potency in the tropical air. And that is much of what is addressed in Al and my interactions during that show: HOW TO bring that vibrancy into our lives, easily, regularly, and effectively, to connect more closely with our higher selves, Divinity – whatever word is comfortable for you.

LOL – the fact that I do not embrace the concept of duality and welcome Divinity as an integral part of myself instead of separate, something “out there,” was startling for some but routine for others. Really, now, it’s 2016. Isn’t it time for humanity to deepen our individual and collective connections to the very earth upon which we reside, the very air we breathe, the souls around which our bodies are molded? The effort that has been invested in keeping us separate from what is, basically, ourselves, appears to finally be crumbling, and creating havoc for those who insist upon clinging to it. Let go, already. Just breathe. We need to anyway, so why not do it with some presence? The air is right there. Every day. All day. Then again tomorrow. Avail yourself of it. It’s uncomplicated. To those already well-aware of that fact and conscious of it in each moment of each day – mahalo (thank you) for walking your breath and taking care of business. Eventually those who insist upon tormenting themselves with duality will notice the difference in your chosen quality of life and want to know where your joy comes from. Or not. Either way, do YOU!

For anyone who missed the show and would like to take a listen, here’s the link: It’s only 30 minutes, and there’s a special offer at the end, for you to receive, “The B-Natural Food for the Soul Self-Care & Maintenance Guide,” my gift to you with the intention of improving well-being worldwide.

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Mahalo nui (thank you very much) for your continued interest and attention! Al and I will present together again, TBA. Mahalo again, Al, for the opportunity to express myself from your platform. Wishing you utmost joy, health, prosperity, love, chocolate chip cookies with milk, and abundance of all your heart desires! BAM!!! (Blessed and Multiplied)

Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

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