Women have traditionally been regarded as the ‘weaker’ sex.

But it’s becoming clear that this is a myth – the average man may be taller and heavier than the average woman but when the chips are really down, it turns out that women are tougher. And here’s the evidence!

1. The ultimate test of health and fitness has to be life expectancy – and women win hands down. On an average, women live six years longer than men. And 80 per cent of individuals celebrating their 100th birthday are female!

2. Women – who are prepared to cry and show their emotions much more readily than men – suffer far less stress and from stress-related diseases. And are far more likely to ask for help if they need it.

3. Most slimming diets are aimed at women, but there are more fat men than fat women around. Men are weak-willed when faced with food. And weak-willed when it comes to doing something about their weight problem.

4. Women have stronger immune systems than men – and are less likely to suffer from infections caused by bacteria or viruses. If a cold bug runs round an office, the men will probably suffer more than the women – but, wanting to appear tough and macho – will probably insist on carrying on working while the women will go home and rest and suffer less in the long run.

5. Women are better at talking about their problems than men. Women will share their worries with a wide circle of friends but few men will share their innermost thoughts with their mates. Most men can only share their most personal worries with their wives – which is one of the reasons why men suffer more agony during a divorce, as a study by Prof. Mavis Hetherington of the University of Virginia has reported.

6. Women are usually much quicker to seek medical advice when they’re ill. (And doctors provide far more screening tests for disorders that affect women than for diseases that affect men!).

7. It’s unheard of for a woman to die during sex but relatively common for men to die making love. At least one Pope has died while committing adultery – as has at least one French President. Even Attila the Hun died in action with a woman rather than with the enemy.

8. Numerous studies have shown that women are much better able to tolerate pain then are men.

9. More men than women are afraid of going to the dentist. As suffer from, tooth and gum disease.

10. Women are physically better equipped to survive in a physical emergency than are men. Women’s bodies contain more fat – to provide essential energy supplies. Being physically slighter means that women lose less body heat and need less food and oxygen to stay alive. If a man and a woman survive a plane crash or shipwreck, all other things being equal, the woman will have the better chance of surviving.

11. Men suffer far more from learning disabilities than do women. The male hormone, testosterone, slows down the development of part of the brain. Girl usually do better at exams than boys because they are often better able to read, understand, learn and reproduce information.

12. Most men can make love no more than three to five times a night. Even that’s pretty special. Women, on the other hand, can make love all night every night. A woman can have 100 orgasms for every one a man can have.

13. Men are far more likely than women to suffer from colour blindness, to go bald or become alcoholics.

14. Women have better hearing and are more sensitive to touch than men.

15. Men fall in love more quickly than women, stay in love longer and are more likely to be heartbroken when a relationship ends. In short, men are much more likely to become dependent on women than women are likely to be dependent on men.

16. Men reach their sexual peak at the age of 18. From then on, it’s all downhill. Women reach their prime in their mid-thirties. And then stay at their sexual prime for a decade or more!

17. Men are far more lacking in self-confidence than women – and far more worried about their appearance. They’re especially likely to worry about the size of their sexual apparatus and about their skill in using it.

18. Men are more likely to stutter or stammer than women.

19. Men tend to suffer more from serious, long-term, disabling illness than do women. They’re one and a half times as likely to die of cancer, and twice as likely to die of heart disease, as women.

20. Women have more powerful imaginations than men. And they have a better-developed sense of intuition. They’re also more likely to be ruthless than are men.

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