CFD trading is quite a new concept to the majority of traders and investors in Australia, this is certainly understandable given the workings of CFDs are very different to traditional share buying and selling. Having an advisor or trading guide who is able to explain the concept of CFDs and help you to spot buying and selling possibilities is often a relatively safe way for new CFD traders to gain exposure to financial markets.

There's a lot of stockbrokers and financial advisors in Australia who are able to assist traders and investors looking to enter the stockmarket, however not many have in-depth knowledge and understanding of CFDs and how they can easily be used not just as a hedging instrument over a equity portfolio but as well as an ideal way to gain exposure to international equities, commodities, indices and foreign exchange pairs.

Several CFD companies can give you basic CFD trading advice and education however most of them will not offer you CFD trading advice. There are however some CFD brokers who are able to give you advice and trading recommendations, it’s these CFD brokers that often also specialise in other areas of money management including financial planning, corporate advisory and funds management. Dealing with a CFD provider that doesn’t exclusively concentrate on CFD trading is usually a good idea for beginner traders seeking a bit of aid in managing their trading portfolio and understanding the hazards and benefits CFDs.

Dealing with a CFD provider such as IC Markets who offers an in depth assortment of products and services has a variety of benefits in that you'll be assigned an individual trading account manager with whom you can liaise with on a daily basis and ask questions. If you require other services including being contacted in the event of a trading idea you can even elect this, however you may be charged a higher commission rate when using this service. Often extra benefits like having the ability to take part in highly sought after placements and IPO’s will also be supplied.

In many cases receiving CFD trading advice will cost a lot more than buying and selling for yourself on the internet, however the added commission fees are rather insignificant when you think about the benefits and are much cheaper than the loses that many newbie investors incur when placing orders with out a well thought out trading plan or strategy.

Ahead of buying and selling CFDs either on the web yourself or with a CFD broker like IC Markets who can offer you CFD trading advice it’s important that you understand not just the advantages of CFD trading but also the risks. Over and over again newbie CFD traders fail to understand that even though the gearing connected with CFD trading can deliver profits it could also lead to large losses, that is why having an understanding of risk management is essential.

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Kent Ramsey is one of Australia's most profitable Contract for difference investors, Kent mentors new CFD traders throughout the country. Kent has written quite a lot of textbooks and manuals on Contracts for difference many of which you can get hold of on his CFD trading blog.