The Bible says God won’t do anything without revealing it by His prophets and we should understand His prophets in the Bible. Would-be prophets today claim visions or dreams from God, but most of them do not ‘pan out.’

Here’s an explanation of an expected repeat of Bible history, since God ‘declares the end from the beginning.’Isaiah 46:10.
#1. The book of beginnings, Genesis, ends with Israel going to Egypt in a famine. Christian pioneers came to the New World in a time of famine for the Word of God (represented as the Bread of Life) because it was proscribed by the papacy

#2. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs--prescription drugs are a leading cause of illness and death, but millions say it’s healthcare. People are in bondage to food, gambling, sex, perversion, violence.

#3. Egypt killed babies, Exodus 1. The US has aborted 60 million.
#4. God executed judgment on Egypt. Judgment is linked to fire in 2 Peter 3:7 and Hawaii and California are examples this year. Carolina also has judgment.

#5. All of the above impact US economy like cattle dying or Nile turning to blood in Egypt. We should expect another sign soon. If October 10 supports this idea, it’s the new moon and maybe God is marking those times as He did in Exodus 12:2.

Let’s watch and see--for the really big ‘heads up,’ please get a copy of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code as it explains the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation and the wedding parables that are misunderstood as a rapture. It’s free as an ebook Wednesday, September 19 at

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who sees medical care as a leading cause of death due to adverse drug reactions. It's "Why You Shouldn't Ask Your Doctor!" which also has natural remedies for many common problems, available on Amazon with other books at