Our minds are filled with the good and bad memories that we have experienced in our lives. Some of our memories can make us feel warm and loved, while some can make us feel lonely, unloved, and resentful. Nevertheless, we all have to deal with our past. We became the person that we are now because of our past. Some of us cannot let go of past hurts, while others cannot even remember that past hurts occurred. Another interesting thing about our memories is that some things may trigger a flashback to another time in our lives.

I was helping with the coffee and donuts after our morning service at church just a week ago. I passed the classrooms where the children were having Sunday school on my way back to the kitchen area. I observed that one of the teachers had several children sitting in a circle around her and reading Bible stories. I suddenly recalled the years when I was a little girl when I saw this scene. You see, I used to sit on my grandmother's lap while she was reading Bible stories to me. My grandmother died when I was fourteen years old. The memory and sensations of the time that I spent with her surrounded me that Sunday morning and made me realize that I have not thought about her very often in my adult life.

I have not read Bible stories or listened to them in many years because my husband and I were not blessed with children. I commented on this to our pastor that morning during coffee. I found out that there are many great books with Bible stories in them that are geared toward teens as well as adults through our pastor. He also offered to loan me one of these books. I was glad to accept his offer because I was excited to read those stories again.

The book I borrowed is divided between the old and new testaments. I have found that the words of the Bible have a great deal more meaning to me when I read them in story form. The adult version is similar to children's stories because the passages that are taken from the Bible are created into an account that is easier to understand. This book also connects the Bible stories to the present day and age, so the reader can apply them to everyday life.

My interest in reading the Bible has increased since I read that book. I always had the intention of spending more time reading a good book, but I never seem to get around to doing it. Reading that book with adult Bible stories has given me a greater desire to do read the Bible more often. After all, that is the purpose behind having books on Bible stories in the first place.

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