With almost every dentist around you offering only ‘Emergency dental services’, a lot of you might be wondering what exactly constitutes a ‘DENTAL EMERGENCY’? Here is a guide to help you decide when is the best time to fix an appointment.
• Intense tooth pain- Mild to moderate tooth pain that is not present continuously is usually ignored by many. However, when this pain gets severe or lasts for a longer time, a dentist visit becomes inevitable. A root canal or extraction might be needed in this case.
• Avulsed tooth: Any trauma or injury leading to chipping of the tooth and mild/no pain can be treated at a later stage. However, when the tooth is removed completely from its socket or if the tooth is fractured and associated with acute pain, a dentist appointment should be fixed immediately. Failure to replace an avulsed tooth in the socket will lead to its permanent loss.
• Infection of the gum/ tooth: Any acute infection of the gum or tooth is associated with pain, swelling, pus drainage, fever, etc. A dentist should be consulted immediately to avoid complications.
• Long-standing swelling of the face/neck with sudden difficulty in swallowing or breathing
• Broken braces
• Ill-fitting crowns– Crowns that might get dislodged easily pose a risk of entering your oral/nasal cavity. It is important to remove or replace these as an emergency.
• Uncontrollable bleeding from the gums or oral cavity- this may pose a risk to life and a dentist should be seen immediately
• Broken teeth that are causing discomfort or ulceration of the cheeks/tongue etc.
• Any acute tooth pain in children
The above are some of the reasons that require immediate dental appointment bookings generally and more so, during covid19 restrictions. Log on to https://curie.health/ or call +91-87788 26667 to find a dentist near you!

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