We all have seen a complete transformation of everything overnight during the Covid period. The major thing we have learned from this time is quick adaptation and agility to learn new things.

The recruitment industry is also not untouched by all of this. HR automation and COVID-19 have accelerated the use of HR technology in the workplace.

Recruitment strategies and employee experience have changed dramatically. To help you stay ahead of here are the recruitment technologies that are growing rapidly.

Virtual Recruiting Tools

Remote hiring has become the new norm during the Covid-19, and recruiters now evaluate candidates through virtual channels because it increases candidate reach, reduces interview time, and creates better engagement.

Companies rely highly on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangout platforms, and other specialized video interviewing tools to manage recruitment needs. Virtual recruiting helps you to find candidates beyond geographic boundaries irrespective of where they live.

AI and Automation

AI tools are used to source candidates, screen resumes, and schedule interviews. As AI automation tools have revolutionized recruitment, it improves recruiters' experience but also candidate experience.

Using such tools, companies can save time and money at the different stages of the hiring process. In addition, AI automates the repeatable processes allowing recruiters to close more jobs. resume parser is one such plugin tool for ATS systems. It helps hire teams to screen out the candidates easily based on their education details, experience, skills, job profiles, hobbies, personal information, etc. Therefore, a resume parser is the best tool to save time and money.

Natural Language Processing

Today NLP is widely used in recruitment, from screening resumes to Chabot's interviews.

NLP is the subfield of AI, and it helps computers to understand human language. As a result, companies across the globe are investing more and more in NLP-based solutions for text analysis of documents, emails, social media data, online reviews, and resumes.

Primarily natural language processing is used for sentence segmentation to understand the grammatical construction of the sentence better.

NLP Chabot's can understand human language and speech structures and draw meanings from human conversations. Whenever humans perform a repetitive task, they are prone to mistakes, but NLP seamlessly performs the task.

New technologies and communication tools play a major part in this new way of working. These emerging technologies are resulting in simplifying the hiring needs and help your organization move forward.

Author's Bio: 

Vinay Johar is the CEO of RChilli that is the most trusted partner for best resume parsing, search & match engine, resume enrichment and taxonomy.