Artificial intelligence is one of the highly growing technologies in the world. Several organisations and companies are using AI-based systems in their aerospace, robotics, eCommerce sites, employee screening sites, logistics and supply chain operations. These are only a few examples, almost every industry is looking for opportunities and exploring the AI features. AI-enabled systems are helping people in improving efficiency in everyone's life. The following examples will be the top AI trends in 2020:

-Robots used in manufacturing processes.
-Medical disease mapping devices.
-NLP Tools
-Social media monitoring software.
-Financial investor agents software.
-Travel booking agents software.
-Smart assistants like Amazon Alexa.
-Enhanced features in cybersecurity.

In more simple language, AI technology is helping organisations in creating intelligent machines that work, think and react like humans. In result, it is simplifying human life and automating human tasks. AI technology is trending in several industries and sectors. AI development and adoption will be growing incrementally in 2020. We will see more automated systems that will change how we live and work. Let's discuss top AI trends in 2020:

AI in Retail Sectors

Retail companies operate several operations in day to day work. Several Ecommerce vendors and owners have adopted AI technology and are exploring its features to provide the best shopping experience to consumers. Top Retail companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Otto,, Ali Express, Zalando, and Groupon have adopted AI to improve its retail segment, understanding customer behaviour and tracking shopping trends. AI is true E-commerce and retail store owners partner in understanding user behaviour, what they like, simplifying the checkout process and recommending similar products to the consumers.
AI technology has enabled Hitech grocery stores for physical stores with a modern shopping experience. High tech stores from Amazon recommend customers in stores where their desired product is, when they pick the product, it will be added to their cart and when they leave the store, the amount is automatically deducted from their Amazon account. This is creating an awesome shopping experience which is faster and efficient than before.
On the other hand, AI-enabled robots are also in trend. These robots help in managing inventories, cleaning and keeping products on shelves. Amazon, Walmart and many logistics companies are using these AI-enabled robots in automating the backend process.

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AI in Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and Medical services are essential to life. Science and Technology are reinventing both sectors much faster and helping professionals and human beings. AI technology is playing a crucial role and creating a new trend. AI-enabled healthcare and medical devices are taking more efficient care of fitness-oriented peoples and patients in a day to day life. AI helps to prevent and cure diseases through automated alerts and reminders. AI-enabled devices quickly store and quickly analyse health records.
AI tools have automated several medical operations such as data collection, data processing, record keeping and literate service providers and patients to simply maintain their health. AI Assistant tools allow medical professionals to quickly diagnose historical data and recommend appropriate treatment plans. AI tools like IBM Watson, AIcure dot com, Deepmind are already being adopted in hospitals to improve their health and tracking medication data.

AI in Building Innovative Chatbots

According to Piyush Jain, founder of Simpalm, a web development company in DC, chatbots are powerful communication tools used in web portals and mobile apps. Chatbots are generally implemented to interact with customer and site visitors to resolve their queries. Several services based organisations have adopted chatbots as their frontend customer support tool. Chatbots are built using AI technology and it has become a trend. AI Chatbots can conduct conversation through various methods. It can understand text, audio and automatically revert best possible results to the user. Many payment processing companies, web hosting providers, product sites, and consulting firms are solving customer issues without any human interaction.
A survey mentioned that chatbots are 60% efficient and able to answer common questions that are programmed in prior. Chatbot development companies have introduced more advanced features using Artificial intelligence. In 2020, we will see more utilization of chatbots that will work more efficiently and match human conversation. Machine learning with Ai will build an enhanced chatbot to answer customer questions.

AI-Enabled Robotics for Next Generation

Robots are the future of automation, productivity and substitute of human resource. Industries are deploying robots in many processes where human reach is not impossible or improve the traditional process. Robots are the future and always will be in trend to see half of our work will be executed in the next two decades. Artificial intelligence and machine learning together will fulfil the dream.
At the beginning of 2020, the whole world is highly affected by the Novel COVID 19 crisis and we are trying to save millions of lives. We have seen that government and medical associations have also deployed robots in some situations to deliver medicines, food and other necessary items so that the medical professionals will not get affected by infected patients and isolated peoples.
Successful examples are Sophia, a social humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics, COIN from JP Morgan & Co, Amazon Alexa and Emmotech Olly AI assistant and many examples are available in the market.

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Hope we will discover a vaccine to protect the world from Novel COVID 19 virus and everything will become normal. Let’s pray to god together for medical professional and normal lives to get fit and healthy so that they can return to their home. Tech companies will continue to explore Artificial intelligence and help industries in automation, industries 4.0, and mobility to make human life easier than before.

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