Maybe you have opened a bag of flour having the plans of cooking some yummy cookies only to discover the flour is creeping with bugs? Were you horrified and disgusted, not able to even think of making those yummy cookies any more? Or did you simply scoop the bugs to one side and make use of the flour regardless, thinking that few little buggies cannot hurt you? Obviously you threw the flour away. Obviously you did not make the yummy cookies. Of course you did not simply say that a few little insects cannot hurt you. And yet you smoke.

We have seen reports of insects and rat droppings present in cigarettes- you can likely find traces of both in the pack you have in your pocket or purse right now. Still you don't mind putting that butt into your mouth and lighting up? Think about that for a second. We call the unlit end of a cigarette, the butt. As in the part of us that we sit upon. Ew. Still not convinced, then hang on to your hat and grab a barf bag, I got more for you.

Does smoking cigarettes cause you to feel suave and debonair like some sort of international spy or something? I can help you feel much more spy like. Do you remember that Russian spy poisoned about two years ago? The murder weapon was Polonium-210. It is found in
cigarette smoke. Puff away, baby, you are living the dangerous spy life now.

Believe smoking gives you an energy boost? It may be because smoke contains cadmium that is found in batteries. Perhaps the tag line for that little pink bunny ought to be "he keeps coughing and coughing..."

Ladies, do you think that smoking a cigarette makes you look more glamorous and sophisticated? Well, it has to be that cigarette honey, it contains the same ingredients as some of your beauty supplies! As in acentanisole which can be found in some perfumes, acetone, found in nail polish removers and the very best one: sodium hydroxide, a caustic compound which is found in many hair removers. Oh, you beautiful doll, you great big just this side of ill doll.

Still need more? How about we go right to the gross: cigarette smoke contains methane and urea. If either of those words sounds familiar to you, you are right, you have probably heard them a time or two. Let me clarify them for you. Methane is the by product of cow flatulence and urea is found in urine. And you put that into your mouth. Lovely!

And now for a touch of irony. The piece de la resistance if you will: we know that smoking is dangerous and that many, many people die from it every single year. Did you also know that big tobacco is very helpful in that they put formaldehyde right there in the cigarette? It's in Keratin Treatments you won't use anymore and it only gets vaporized. When you smoke you're putting it in your body. How helpful! They kill their customers but they want to get started on the preservation process before you're six feet under. What a big ol' bunch of sweeties.

Research has found over twenty one listed poisons and other nasty compounds that are commonly found in cigarette smoke. Not a single one of them would make me ever want to try a cigarette. After reading the list, I have decided that I will be more vigilant about staying away from second hand smoke. I do not smoke, I once did. I will not smoke, and I hope that none of my children ever do either. I think I will give them this to read, heck, I think I will tape it to their wall. Poison yourself if you have to, but I would really wish you would not. For your own sake, as well as those around you.

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