Genioplasty is a versatile procedure that can correct any asymmetry or aesthetic dissatisfaction with your chin. Through genioplasty surgery, you can achieve the following:
• Bring a receded chin forward
• Setting a projecting chin back
• Reducing or increasing the chin’s height
• Making the chin narrower or broader
• Correcting any asymmetry in the chin and lower jaw
Genioplasty is a permanent solution for anyone looking for a more defined jawline. The availability of the latest 3D simulation technology additionally allows patients to envision their final results before the surgery. Thus, they can choose the ideal results, tailored to their liking, that remains looking entirely natural. Modern technology like ultrasonic bone surgery makes the surgery more precise and safe, and decreases downtime.

The Genioplasty Surgery Procedure

Genioplasty is a simple and safe procedure that takes approximately 60 -90 minutes to perform.
After placing you under general anaesthesia, your surgeon makes an incision inside your mouth, hiding the resulting scar. Through this incision, they then separate your bony chin from your lower jaw using the state-of-the-art Piezotome device to perform ultrasonic bone surgery. Once this separation happens, they to reshape and reposition your chin per your desires. For sharper results, your surgeon may also remove a vertical section of your chin and pull together the lateral halves, creating a better V-shape.

The Piezotome offers an unprecedented level of precision, targeting only the bone. In the process, it leaves all neighbouring tissue and nerve structures intact. This safety ensures a smoother, more speed recovery with enhanced results. Additionally, at well-equipped centres, surgeons use 3D printed guides after the simulation for even better results. With these guides and the Piezotome, you get a much sleeker, more aesthetic and desirable chin. Genioplasty is often called sharp jawline surgery since your surgeon may combine it with jawline contouring and buccal pad fat removal for more dramatic results.
Once the chin is sufficiently reshaped and repositioned, it is fixed with steam sterilised titanium plates. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures.

Recovery After Genioplasty Surgery

Due to the technology and techniques available today, you experience minimal downtime after your surgery. You also see immediate results which improve as you continue healing. The recovery timeline after genioplasty includes:
• 10 days of mild swelling
• 1 week of no heavy exercise
• 1 week of no solid foods
• Regular saline rinses
• Some temporary lip numbness
As the swelling reduces, your results continue improving, and you return to your old, but improved self in no time. Remember, this is a permanent solution, so having an expert surgeon who understands facial symmetry and aesthetics is essential for the best results.

At RG Aesthetics, Dr Sanchaita Kohli's extensive experience as a maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi allows her to ensure her patients get ideal results from their genioplasty. As a leading expert in facial feminization surgery, Dr Kohli understands the importance of natural-looking results. She focuses on keeping expectations realistic, thus guaranteeing the confidence boost her patients get from the chin of their dreams!

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