We often see people running like crazy, putting all their efforts in getting into the best jobs they can, when all of their energy is inclined towards earning more and more grands. They think they will achieve their ultimate happiness once they are successful in attaining financial stability, which of course is a relative term and can never be defined. They directly associate happiness with money. On top of it, making passion your career is the new trend. So now people are more lost into finding their passions so they can make a career out of it and earn big. They think that's the only way they can achieve happiness and their life will be all roses once they are there.
Well, there is nothing wrong in keeping this approach but not every one is fortunate enough to discover what their passions are. Perhaps most of the people haven't had enough exposure to discover what their passions are. So when you look at these people, all you see is a picture of sadness and a longing to discover and achieve but they don't what it its they can achieve and discover. Some of them eventually start losing hope that they can ever be happy and some of them start considering themselves losers. They develop a feeling of emptiness within that they get into a habit of just spending their life rather than living it.
For such people, I strongly believe in keeping career and hobbies seperate so at least they have a reason to find fulfilment in their path called Life. If they can even take out 30 mins of their day for themselves to do something that really makes them happy and that something doesn't necessarily earn them money or fulfil their selfish desires, that will definitely keep them going with a feeling of fulfilment and I am sure they will do good in their career too.
The main problem in today's word is that people are too busy chasing their dreams that they hardly care about finding fulfilment in the current moment. If you can't find fulfilment in the present moment, there is no way you can find it in future. I do not disagree with the fact that money is really important to keep going, but I do disagree with making money your ultimate source of happiness.
I strongly believe in not weighing happiness in terms of money, as no matter how much of it you have earned it will never be enough. Your life is too short to wait any longer to be anything but happy. Nothing should stand in the way of your happiness.
Pursue rather than achieve happiness!

Author's Bio: 

Mili is a graduate in IT and is currently working in Customer Service because of her keen interest in communicating with people. She is also a makeup artist and has a passion for developing new skills and meeting new people. She loves to read about human psychology and follows a few great life coaches to keep herself motivated all the times. She has a desire to gain immense knowledge on human psychology and bring a change in human mindset that's drifting towards negativity. She immensely believes in remaining positive all the times and practising gratitude.