What Happened to the Baby-Boomers?

I remember graduating from High School in 1968 and like every class graduating, we felt like we were going to change the world. Well, we did change the world, but is the world a better place? You have to answer that question. Personally, I don’t think so.

How did this whole generation lose itself? I remember leaving High School and feeling so free, and looking forward to the future. I know that we were naïve but I do know that we did have more freedom then and not so much today. Where are we headed at this point in history? Our parent’s generation was known as the Greatest Generation? What will they call our generation? The Lost Generation. Sold-Out Generation. Pass the Buck Generation? The Greedy Generation. I could go on here, but I think you get where I am going.

What examples have we left out children, let’s take a look. For the first time ever in this country our kids will not be better off than their parent’s. How can they be, look at our debt and it is only getting worse. Freedom, what freedoms do we have today. We can’t make any decisions without our Government’s permission. The Government is everywhere and we let that happen. We gave our power to them, we let them make our decisions for us, we are too busy just trying to get by and that is the way that they want it.

Did you ever think that America would be a country like this, sharing the wealth, National Health Care, an education system is broken, in fact can you name one thing that the Government does that works or stays within its budget. They just take more and more money from us with no respect for our money,

The American Dream has died during our lifetime. This is not the greatest country in the world anymore. The world needs us to be and we are not there. The whole world is on fire and no one is putting it out. The main reason is that America is not strong; we have become a nation of wimps. We all fell asleep. Our food is poisoned, our water is poisoned, the air is poisoned and we let them poisoned our children’s minds. We let reason and common sense die in our lifetime. I could go on and on what else is wrong with this Country but I will save that for another day.

It is not too late to change things around, there is a movement that will help you see things as they really are and let you know how we can take back this country before it is too late.

I co-host a call every Wednesday at 8:00 PM est. If you would like to be a part of turning this all around call and just listen in. The number is 949-333-4806 and the pin# is 256015#. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Charlie Moore

Author's Bio: 

Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table.

Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management. Quote, “I always focus on my client’s needs and wants; and being honest at all times, this always helps to build long term relationships.”

Currently, Mr. Moore is Co-Host on Three National calls each week. The focus of these calls pertains to finding the powers within you. This is the first step towards becoming a self-leader which is essential to any success in life and can be done via two simple concepts, says Mr. Moore, “Pure Love and Pure Honesty.”

You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help you see and find the answers within you leading towards your personal successes. That is what a Life Coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals, and your personal desires.

This is my life’s motivation and essence, to help people become the person they always wanted to be. It took me a long time to get here, and now, I don’t want to see another person waste years trying to find the way themselves. As your personal Life Coach, I will help show you the way.

Charlie Moore