It’s time to truly rise up, shine your Light and Thrive!! As each new day dawns, we are moving more deeply into this new consciousness of humanity in unity - knowing that we are all connected. Completing a 25,000-year cycle, this year planet Earth now is at its closest point to the galactic center. On a scientific level, these new cosmic energies are very real, with no precedent in recorded history. Our entire solar system is undergoing great change and present Earth changes are just one physical effect of this. As humans, our awareness is expanding as we move out of the illusion of limitations of time, money and resources and into a realm of unlimited possibilities and awareness of our multidimensional selves. Can you feel it? Old belief systems, sacred cow and sacrosanct “Truths” no longer comfort or support us as they used to. Much as established patterns have comforted us in the past, these either no longer work for us or aren’t available to us. These old structures have to give way to make way for the new platform of reality.

Now this didn’t occur overnight as we have been gearing up for this over the last 200 years. Just take a look at all the advances we have had in the last 50 years! As this universal awareness grows exponentially, imagine what advances you’d like to see in our world in the next 10 years. Physics defines the nature and properties of energy and matter in our world. This science has been redefined by Quantum Physics, which states that the observer affects the outcome. So your point of view, your consciousness now, more that at any other time will be the prime determinate as to how gracefully you maneuver and delight in your personal expansion at this time.

As a Spiritualist I believe in the Universal Law of Attraction, which states simply that like attracts like. I also acknowledge that each individual has a responsibility to create his or her own happiness or unhappiness. We know these things however, NOW is the time to walk our talk and put focused energy into creating the world that we would like to see for each other and ourselves. As the old dying energies fall away, the systems, which grew up around this consciousness, don’t appear to be gracefully relinquishing their grasp.

The illusion of limitation of resources such as water, food, money, health and time is part of the old three-dimensional world. As our consciousness shifts into awareness of our spiritual heritage of limitless abundance and of our multidimensional selves we are no longer being controlled by these illusions. Respect for all life, as we live in conscious co-creation with our world is the new paradigm. In fact the new world energy will assist you to manifest from your heart-space more rapidly and on a whole new level. So I ask you, what is your Joy?

What passion have you hidden away on the shelf? What talents would you like to explore? We are being called forth to choose for ourselves and to recreate our place and presence here. It is the opportunity of the millennium and you were fortunate enough to get an invitation. When you find yourself slipping back into the old limiting habit patterns of belief, I invite you to ask yourself, “Why not? and “What if? Push the old envelope into allowing for new possibilities, perhaps yet unknown to you. Just in allowing for this, you are creating new world of joyous opportunities. We don’t have to know what our future will be exactly, however we can know how we desire to experience it – with ease, joy and abundance. May you find this fully manifested in your world as the year unfolds!

Author's Bio: 

Elivia Melodey developed her innate ability to read energy as a child. She has been an ordained Spiritualist minister since 1985. She has served as the Director of Education for Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association and has been an instructor at their Institutes since 2000. Her certifications include: Shamanic, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Lightbody Practitioner, Past-Life Regression therapist and Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and Independent and Karuna Reiki Master.

Elivia has assisted thousands of individuals to create healthier minds, bodies and spirits through her channeled music and spiritual counseling practice. Her keen analytical ability translates ethereal and spiritual concepts into a grounded, practical approach. She leads workshops and ongoing classes in spiritual development and vibrational healing throughout the US.

Elivia is a clairvoyant medium and Deep Trance Channel with the ability to tune in to many worlds and frequencies. Dubbed “The Angel Whisper” by Awareness Magazine, for her accuracy in this realm, she works with Guides and Teachers in Spirit and can also contact loved ones who have crossed over as well as past lives. As a medical intuitive she is able to shed light on the cause behind the issue so that it can be easily released in order to speed the healing process.

She is an acknowledged expert in the field of sound healing with crystal singing bowls. With the release of four critically acclaimed CDs, Elivia has established herself as a recording artist whose music is used in healing and spiritual centers round the world. Elivia’s music is featured in "Shaman's Vision Journey" by the award-winning artists, David and Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records and on the compilation CD, “Crystal Bowl Collection” by Crystal Tones. Elivia’s expertise is also highlighted in the documentary film, “Vibration for Healing – Sounds that Heal” by Claudine Jordan, and by numerous regional and national media.

A long-time member of both the Healing Music Organization and International Sound Healers Association; Elivia tours nationally performing concerts and giving workshops on the benefits of sound healing.

Rev. Elivia is an accomplished inspirational speaker and conference presenter. She also guest lectures for churches throughout the country.

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