You applied to the job and were offered a chance to interview in person. You couldn't be happier! Then you find out Hurricane Sandy is coming your way with bad weather. All throughout the world, weather hinders peoples ability to get to an interview.

Nothing makes Human Resources professionals more upset than when an interviewee does not show up OR shows up late. HR has to schedule these interviews days in advance and has to mesh multiple calendars together. They feel disrespected when you do not show up on time or not at all. In addition to this, it may also "black-list" you from the company. Chances are very high that when you show up late or not at all, a note goes on your candidate profile of what happened and it's likely that the company entertain your candidacy in the future.

What do you do when the weather is bad?

  1. Call the company - It is critical that the first thing you do is to call the company the morning of. Ideally, you want to speak to the person who scheduled the interview with you. If you cannot speak with them, then the receptionist will do. Ask them to relay the message.
  2. Leave early - It is better that you arrive 30 minutes early to your interview than late. You can spend 30 minutes in the parking lot and wait. That's much better than the alternative.
  3. Dress appropriately - What is just as bad as showing up late is showing up messy and dirty. Pack and umbrella, rain boots or even a change of clothes so you do not have snow all over you or drenched with water. You want to walk into that interview looking your best!

The same also applies for when the traffic is bad. If you are stuck in traffic, then please call the appropriate person to let them know. While some people feel that it looks bad to call, that can't be further from the truth. Everyone involved in the interview will appreciate your honesty rather than you showing up late and ruining their schedule for the day.

When weather is very bad and the interview needs to be rescheduled, be sure to work with the company; be flexible and make yourself as available as possible. While the weather was neither parties fault, if you are difficult to reschedule, chances are the company will simply move to the next qualified candidate. Everyone knows that it is difficult to take time off from work and move your schedule around, but on the same token they will ask you this, "Do you really want this job?" If the answer is yes, then they will expect you to do everything possible to reschedule at their convenience. If you make it difficult they will assume the answer to that question is "no".

The next time weather is expected to be bad, make sure you prepare accordingly for your interviews. Use these simple tips to have a better interview or when rescheduling.

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