Hiring employees for a company seems easy and fun from the outside. You are sitting there on a table, judging people if they are good enough for the job. The reality is, however, entirely opposite. You have to carefully assess skills and choose the right professional; otherwise, you will either have to fire him or make do with an overpaid and unqualified employee. There are also many other things to consider that most people don’t understand. This article has discussed some basic things you should know about hiring an employee.

Write Detailed Job Description

Many employers and HR managers make the mistake of writing a generic job description. You may have written that the professional should be motivated and skilled, but that’s not how it should be; these things go without saying. You should write things that are specific to that job. Mention the required skills for that and how the professional is supposed to handle it. If it’s a managerial position, you should mention the number of employees he will have to manage along with his other responsibilities and your expectations from him.

Shortlist After Pre Interview

The first step is to filter the CVs of relevant professionals. You should see past experience and their relevancy from your current opening. The next step should be to call them and conduct a pre-interview to see if they are available and interested in the job. Always ask them their salary expectations. If they ask way too much, this shows that they are not really serious about switching. If you feel that they could become a valuable part of your team, only then should you schedule an interview.

Take Help of a Technical Professional

There is a possibility that you don’t have the background to assess the technical skills of a candidate. Even if you are the CEO, you can’t judge someone’s writing skills if it’s not your main domain. Instead of following your ego and hiring an employee who will waste your time and money, it’s wise to take the help of a technical professional. Ask an experienced professional of that field to conduct tests and interviews for you. He would know better how to assess skills, experience, and knowledge of a professional of his own field.

Run a Background Check

You should also know all about the legal requirements of hiring an employee. If you hire a wanted person or illegal immigrant, your company could be held responsible for helping a criminal. Luckily, it’s free and straightforward to do background checks in Canada to learn about the history potential employee. This will also tell you about the past activities of the candidate, allowing you to make a better and informed decision.

Always Start with Probation Period

Even after all the tests and interviews, you still can’t be one hundred percent sure if the person is right for your job. You can only be sure after he starts working with you. This is the reason why you should always start with a probation period, which allows you to terminate employment with only one day notice period without having to pay any severance.

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