The hard core fact about caregiving is that, at once it can be the most beautiful feeling in the world and at the same time it can annoy you to a certain extent. Caring about someone would definitely make them feel loved but there would hardly be anyone who would wish to wander on roads that are no less than a reflection of the same story the other way round. The caregivers do not simply lend themselves on words, instead they contribute a part of them both mentally and physically. Well, this contribution makes them less devoted to their inner peace. How?

Let's take you into focus. While genuinely caring about someone, you unknowingly begin to ignore yourself. The list runs down from the emotional factors to the physical needs that could count on your eating habits, well-being and most importantly your needs for the same affection. Everything about you turns worthless for you. All your mind understands is to nurture the other person with all the love and care in the world. But what about you? Is it important for you to ignore yourself every time you head towards making others fall in peace? No.

Even if the person is the most important one in your life, they still can't be kept over you because their presence is an account of yours. And this reason is strong enough to hold on itself for the justification. This might appear to be easy for initials but gradually you become able to see yourself, losing yourself for others which not just makes you feel lost but also drags you away from the relationship that you have been nurturing over a period of time. You start blaming others for your deeds which in itself turns out to be the reason of bad sleep, depression, anxiety, and over thinking.

But how am I able to understand this?

Well, I feel that experience builds a person to be the strongest. After lending myself as a caregiver to people over a period of time, I finally became able to see the difference and make a difference. I learned to prioritize things and people, but above all, what made me feel glad from within was being able to get in touch with the concept of self worth and self care. I made no changes in my feelings of love,affection and care for others. Instead the change was brought in to the way I engaged with myself. People need to understand that they do not have to compromise on themselves to play fair with others.

All the time that I spent away from myself, felt like I was inviting people to consolidate my payday loans, which, at most were turning harder for me to pay back. I felt I would never be able to cater to myself with what I am losing on. But nothing goes the way you think, which is why you need to blow your mind and step on to the roads of loving yourself the most. And in no time will you be able to smile from within. This is not just an essential aspect to carve your personality but also a considerable factor to keep up with your personal well being both mentally and physically.
All you need to do is to understand that every relationship needs time and effort and so does the one that you have with yourself. So what are you waiting for? Ask yourself out on a date, or spend a whole night beneath the stars and talk to yourself about what you want. Afterall, YOU are a priority.

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