Back pain is one of the most common disorders among people around the world. This condition can be mild to severe, making the body difficult to move, which can interfere with work productivity.
Some of these back conditions can be easily treated with compresses, ointments or pain relievers. However, under rather excessive conditions, it requires special handling and as quickly as possible.
Causes of back pain
Back pain can occur due to several factors, ranging from mild to severe. To speed healing, back pain triggers must be identified in advance.
1. There was a stretch
Muscles have their own limits when used excessively. For example, when you lift weights excessively, the muscles in the back area will experience very intense stretching and sometimes injury.
These strains or strains cause very severe pain in the body, sometimes when used for standing and walking the pain becomes more severe.
This pain usually goes away on its own after a few days or requires special treatment.
2. There are structural problems
The bones that belong to humans are usually connected to each other by joints. This also applies to the spine.
The aligned joints will make the movement smooth and flexible.
Unfortunately, under certain conditions like when you do activities in the same position for hours on end, for example sleeping in the wrong position, pain can occur.
You may feel stiffness or even a pinched part.
3. Osteoporosis
The body needs calcium every day for the proper functioning of the organs. If the body cannot accomplish this, inevitably the calcium in the bones has to be taken in little by little.
Loss eventually occurs in most bones, especially the spine. As a result, osteoporosis occurs and causes very severe pain when there is a fracture.
4. Arthritis
Unlike osteoporosis, which causes slow loss of bones, this condition called arthritis attacks loneliness. The joints between the bones deteriorate and shift slightly.
The degeneration of these joint problems causes stiffness in the spine. Well, that stiffness is what triggers great pain in your back. This condition must be treated immediately so that someone can walk.
5. Tumor or cancer
The presence of cancer or tumor in the spine causes a sufficiently large mass. The bigger the mass, the more the person will suffer.
Signs of back pain
With proper treatment, back pain heals over time. However, if not treated properly, some of the symptoms or signs below will appear.
• The pain felt goes down to the left and right legs
• Pain also radiates to the back of the neck
• Experience rapid weight loss
• There is inflammation in the back and sometimes the skin turns red
• Suffer from urinary disorders such as incontinence
• Pain that continues to appear even though you have had enough rest
• Loss of control of bowel capacity
• Pain that spreads to the genitals, anus and buttocks
• Sometimes have a fever
• Diagnosis of back pain
Usually, back pain that is not caused by a serious problem will go away on its own. In fact, by not doing activities that are too strenuous, the pain will go away.
However, if the pain is very severe and various methods fail, an examination should be performed. There are several ways the doctor will make a diagnosis.
• Bone scan: This method helps determine the severity of the bone problem. A person suspected of having osteoporosis will usually be asked to do this type of check-up.
• X-rays: Using X-rays, various symptoms such as arthritis, severe bones, damage to muscles, even nerves will be detected so that proper treatment can be carried out.
• CT scan and MRI: This procedure can also be used to see if there are any problems with muscle tissue, bones, joints, and nerves, especially in the back.
• Check the blood and urine: To see if there are other medical conditions that trigger back pain.
• EMG: Used to see if the nerve is pinched or not.
How to treat back pain

The treatment for back pain varies from that performed in a health facility or at home.
1. Use of medicine
One type of medicine that can be used to treat back pain is anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers. This medication will relieve excessive pain.
Besides the use of medication to treat pain, topical medications such as ointments or balms that provide a feeling of heat can also be used for pain relief.
Under certain conditions, the doctor will also give antidepressants that help relax the nerves in the back. The last one is the steroid injections, how to do it if the pain you are feeling is excessive.
2. Operation
Surgery is the last way to deal with excessive pain. The operation is performed when the patient has felt pain that makes them unable to do anything properly.
Additionally, surgery can also be done if there is a pinched nerve problem. The pinched nerve will make the patient unable to walk and sometimes it is difficult to move their limbs. The spine also becomes stiff.
Spine surgeries should be done for nerve problems. Otherwise, patients will continue to suffer and experience both physical and psychological complications.
3. Home remedies
Therapy or home remedies can be done by:
• compress the back with hot or cold water to reduce pain and inflammation
exercise regularly with light to moderate intensity, this method is used to improve posture and bone structure
• bathing or soaking in salt water, this method is made to reduce the swelling in the back area
• Use massage chairs for sitting long hours and take hot & cold bath for full body massage.
Treatment at home will only help reduce pain. Not a cure, unless the case is mild enough.
This disease of back pain is often overlooked by many people. Only when his chronic condition was brought to the doctor.
In fact, if it is treated immediately, the pain will not be more intense and you will be able to do your activities correctly.

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