A field preceptorship a fantastic way to boost your chances of landing a medical sales job. Also known as a ride-along or job shadowing, it's usually something we associate with students, but a field preceptorship offers multiple benefits for the jobseeker:

* It gives you on-the-job experience without having to get the job. You can explore it to see if it's right for you before you make the commitment to change careers.
* You can use the experience on your resume, giving you keywords that will flag your resume in Applicant Tracking Systems--especially helpful for those with no prior experience in medical sales.
* It gives you material for your 30/60/90-day plan, an impressive document to have in a job interview.
* It sets you apart as a "go-getter." Not everyone will go to this length before they even have the job.
* It shows that you know how to make contacts, which is essential in a sales role.
* It's impressive to hiring managers, and helps them to see you in the job.

How do you find someone to ride with? Ask your doctor or lab for the names of sales reps. When you contact them, ask if you can ride along for the day, or even part of the day. Reassure them that you're not after their job, but are just looking for information. Try to stay quiet during the actual sales part, but in between, ask questions about a typical day, the pros and cons of their job, what it takes to be successful, and so on.

When you get to the interview, the prep work you did will show, giving you the edge over other candidates and help you land the job.

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