When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel. His 11th chapter is a running commentary on history from the time of Alexander the Great.

Historically, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome came from the north to fight Egypt, the king of the south, but if we fast-forward to “the time of the end” in Dan 11:40, there is a spiritual application.

Egypt killed babies (Exod 1), the US has aborted 60,000 and it has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs called healthcare, but they are a leading cause of death. People are enslaved by food, gambling, “music,” sex, porn, perversion, etc.

God is going to “execute judgment” on the US as He did on Egypt and the process has begun with the “overflow” of our southern border, as stated in Dan 11:40.

We might wonder who the king of the north is. The Bible explains itself and Ezek 26:7 shows the king of Babylon as the king of the north. But in the time of the end, this is not about a city in Iraq. Again there is a spiritual application that’s different.

The Bible shows “Babylon” is the name of the harlot in Rev 17:5, that will ride the beast of New World Order. We are living in that time and should see that the clues in Revelation 17 fit the papacy better than any other entity

#1. In the imagery of a harlot, Rome has been involved with kings and governments to seek power and laws to enforce her decrees, Rev 17:2. Christ said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36.

#2. She is arrayed in scarlet--the color of cardinals and decked with gold, a wealthy church, Rev 17:4. Trucks of gold from Jews murdered by Hitler came to Vatican.

#3. “Full of abominations,” Rev 17:4. Who could argue that the pedophilia, homosexuality and rape of nuns as the “Bride of Christ” is not an abomination?

#4. “Mother of Harlots” aptly fits her as a mother of other churches that do not protest her abominations.

#5. “Drunken with the blood of…martyrs,” Rev 17:6. Conservative historians say 50 to 100 million died for their faith in the Dark Ages of papal supremacy, but the Bible projects a 3 1/2 year period when history will repeat under the New World Order, Rev 13:5.

#6. This harlot is sitting on seven hills which Rome is known for, Rev 17:9.

All of these clues support the harlot as the papacy and the pope is the king of the north that is victorious in overflowing the king of the south, not only on our southern border, but Mary land surrounds DC and has a majority of Supreme Court Justices. The CIA has been called Catholics In Action, with Homeland Security called Rome land Security be a former nun who was raped.

Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest who became Protestant, said the sign given to Jesuits worldwide that Protestantism had been overcome in America was when a US president would take his oath of office facing an obelisk. For the first time, the inauguration of the president was moved to the west side of the capitol as Ronald Reagan face the Washington Monument. Reagan, after taking a bullet, appointed an ambassador to the Vatican and opened our southern border. Rome has over-flowed the US and conquered.

There is much talk about the Deep State and a change, and while the move to a New World Order may be delayed by mobs, civil war and martial law, it is not likely to alter the prophetic picture of the whore riding the beast of New World Order that we have considered here.

With a caravan of 7,000 coming to the US, expected to grow to 15,000, mostly young men of military age, we could show biblical support for this ‘overflowing scourge’ (Isaiah 28), or similar soon, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physcian writing nn current events and Bible prophecy. His books may be found on Amazon under his name.