The process of cleansing the colon or large intestine has been around for centuries and was practiced by early Egyptians and Greeks. In this process, fecal matter and toxins are removed or flushed out from the intestinal tract and colon by manipulating the colon to expel all its contents. There has never been any “scientific” proof that cleansing the large intestine can really improve a person’s general health but this did not stop people from continuing to look for the ultimate colon cleanse treatment or method.

There are various methods one can utilize to cleanse the large intestine. The process can be done using oral regimens like dietary supplements, herbs or laxatives. Others undergo colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation. This process is similar to an enema however when undergoing this, a qualified practitioner must be present to oversee the procedure.

The most commonly utilized procedure of cleansing the large intestine is oral regimens. There are a lot of products one can get from supermarket shelves, pharmacies, health food stores and online. Such products include anti-parasitic capsules, laxatives and powders and are often effective in initiating the successful expulsion of the contents of the colon. Some people are into the idea of detoxifying their system using drugs and they see more natural oral methods as the ultimate colon cleanse methods. There are natural enzymes capsules and strong herbal teas that claim to be drug free and safe to use. What users must know is that herbs, natural ingredients and drugs can all achieve complete cleansing of the large intestine however possible side effects must always be considered.

Overuse of any method of cleansing the large intestine, oral regimens or colonic irrigation, can result to mineral depletion, anemia, electrolyte imbalances, malnutrition as well as the loss of the ability to move the bowels without the aid of laxatives. Moderate usage of these procedures should be promoted when undergoing colonic cleansing.

the advocates of ultimate colon cleanse methods often claim that this procedure is beneficial in many ways including:

- Helping people lose weight.
- Enhance a person’s immune system
- Reduce the risk of getting colon cancer.
- Improve a person’s overall mental well being as well as general outlook in life.

When considering having your colon detoxified, always steer clear of products or methods that have over-inflated predictions of results as these are most likely false. Always speak with a physician prior to starting a cleansing method for your large intestine especially if you are on some kind of medication.

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