Illumination is one of the important aspects of every modern interior. In the past, selecting lights for your home or office was a decision that was made by the electrician.

Due to lack of knowledge about the same, their decision was perceived to be correct and supreme. But it is all in the past. Nowadays, selecting lights has become as important as selecting a piece of furniture.

Apart from choosing fancy furniture and wallpapers, it is crucial to choose appropriate lighting as well.

Illuminares have been an important element as a part of décor recently. The changing lifestyle and preferences have led to an increased focus on achieving the correct lighting for residential and commercial spaces.

The introduction of LED lights has been a game-changer in the lighting industry. Their functionality, types and quality are the major reasons for the shift towards LED.

All the major electrical companies conform to industrial standards, so be rest assured about the quality of LEDs that you install at home.

Here are some types of lights that you can use as a piece of décor to enhance your interiors.

1) Chandeliers & Pendants

Chandeliers and Pendants scream elegance. You can go all fancy with these or stick to basic designs. But an addition of a pendant near your bedside table will change the whole look of your interiors. Coloured LEDs in pendants are also a great addition.

2) Scones

No, we’re not talking about food. Wall scones are ideal if you have a compact space, but still wish to add the extra light as décor or when you want to go minimalistic. They are versatile in nature and work almost everywhere.

3) Under Cabinet Lights

Kitchen is one of the dullest rooms in the house. It can be quite tricky to add lights as a décor. Under cabinet LED helps you to add that extra lighting in kitchen and also helps to enhance the vibrancy.

4) Track / Recessed Lights

These lights make a great addition when you want to focus over something specific in your space and the brightness from LED helps you achieve just that! You can use it over an oversized painting or on your kitchen countertop. An added advantage is that these lights work with all type of ceilings.

5) Vanity Lights

It does not matter if you spend hours getting ready or a quick few minutes, vanity lighting is becoming an essential item in modern homes. Packed with brightness, the vanity LEDs are available in different styles that will glam up your space.

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