I have been wrestling with a very deep trust issue, one that has been with me since conscious memory. This morning in meditation I asked for understanding and I was guided through the meditation by a member of my spiritual family of guides and teachers. I think Mataji has been with me all my life. I don't remember how I first met her, but she was an “imaginary friend” when I was about four years old. At the time I named her Gently and Gently remained her name until about 1999 when an exceptional meditation teacher and clairvoyant showed me her picture and told me her real name was Mataji. How does an elevated Hindu Meditation Master become the life long friend and teacher to a Christian child and woman?

Matiji requested I write her teaching and share it with others as many become confused about religious doctrine, truth and trust. Her words answered many of my questions, and they may help you too.

Truth comes in all shapes and sizes, from both genders, male and female. It also comes from all walks of life, from all religious masters such as Jesus (The Christ), Mataji (Hindu master teacher), Chamuel (Archangel) and others. Truth can always be trusted regardless of whose mouth speaks out. If it is truth, it matters not from which culture, which religion, or from which universe it comes.

Trust is a part of truth. Without trust in your master teacher, you may not grow as spirit intend for you to grow. Trust is the essence of all things. If you do not trust that truth is true, it is not true for you, regardless from whose mouth the words flow.

With trust and truth all things are possible, all things, no limitations. Love, real love comes about from truth and trust. Without trust there can not be real love. You can call it love, but it will in truth be something else – attraction, romance, caring, freindship … but not unconditional, limitless, bottomless love.

When walking in the realms of the masters, there is only truth. We are not all the same. We come from different places and different times of history. Our perspective is sometimes altered by the times in which we lived in body, but all else remains constant.

Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or any other religion, truth is truth. Books are written by man and man interprets truth, is eager to interpret truth instead of leaving truth alone. Men are filters for the truth and each can grasp the amount of truth he or she is ready for, and no more truth can be for him until his growth surpasses a point of understanding, and then more truth is given, in stages. We grow by leaps and bounds and then we rest and digest our truth and then more is given.

Churches, synagogues, mosques are not necessarily places of truth, although they can be places of truth. It depends upon who is speaking from these alters. If the person speaking is speaking truth, no matter what the alter, the truth remains truth.

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