Poor dental health does not only result in cavities and bleeding gums but to other overall health problems as well. Poor oral health greatly impacts on the overall health of your body, and you, therefore, need to take proper care of your teeth. New Hyde park dental is a highly reputed company in dental care and you may reach out the dentists to help your handle your dental health problems. discussed herein are some of the top ways your dental health affects your overall health.

1. Cardiovascular disease
Gum inflammation causes a great risk to heart diseases. The increased periodontal is absorbed in the bloodstream hence causing atherosclerosis. Hardening of the arteries thus leads to the formation of plaques in the inner walls of the arteries therefore reducing the flow of blood through the body. The reduced flow of blood may thus lead to stroke or other heart conditions.

2. Dementia
Bacterial infection from the mouth may get through the bloodstream, as well. The infection may enter even enter the brain through the nerve channels. This, as a result, leads to the development of dementia. You are likely to lose your memory, lose focus, and find it difficult concentrating on your tasks.

3. Respiratory infections
Dental infections are likely to result to respiratory diseases if the condition persists. Breathing in with your teeth infected with some bacteria risks you to inhaling germs that could result to lung infections such as pneumonia.

4. Diabetes conditions
Gum diseases significantly affect the sugar levels in the body, and this may risk to diabetic conditions. The bacteria in your teeth produce toxins which impact on the body's metabolism rates. The body may produce more insulin to resist the toxicity levels hence increasing the blood sugar levels. Diabetic conditions could be fatal if they persist and it is thus very important that you maintain proper care of your teeth.

5. Pregnancy complications
Dentists argue that pregnant women with progressive gum diseases are prone to gestation diabetic infections. This could, as a result, lead to pre-mature births or low-weight babies. Such babies are likely to develop health complications such as asthma, development problems, ear infections, and higher risks of infant deaths.

6. Tongue health and germs
The tongue surface is prone to a lot of bacteria. Bacteria trapped on the tongue surface may lead to bad breath, and this could as well affect your sense of taste. The bacteria can spread into other body parts hence risking your overall health. If the bacteria get through your bloodstream, then it risks you to heart-related infections.

Brushing your teeth and maintaining proper dental care is also very significant for better health. Poor dental care does not only put you to a risk of dental infections but to other overall health infections as well. It could lead to weak bones, immune system disorders, and pregnancy complications for pregnant women. Take proper care of your teeth by brushing after every meal, flossing daily, and using a mouth wash to kill bacteria as well. If the dental problems persist, then you should probably visit a dentist for a thorough cleaning, treatment, and prevention of cavities.

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