Several scientific studies conducted by experts in education pertaining to the effects of physical activities on the academic performance of students have shown a positive correlation between the two.

Additionally, it has been observed that increased physical activities help in facilitating better learning among students at all academic levels. If you're interested in learning more about how physical activities are beneficial to improving your academic performance, stay tuned until the end of this article.

How Technology Contributed to Shaping Our Educational System Today

The advent of technology has inevitably helped us enjoy a more convenient and comfortable life. Unlike the old days where men had to do everything manually and rely on inconsistent and now obsolete methods of doing things---we must consider ourselves lucky to be the recipient of the fruits of years of hard work and dedication of the great minds in the past. We are literally the reaper of the fruits of the invaluable works and inventions of our scientists in the past.

As we all know, we are now in the digital era---where almost everything is done with the aid of computers, machineries and robotics. Hence it is not so surprising to know that our modern-day generations are more inclined to using high tech gadgets and know more about computers than baby boomers would certainly do.

Now, before we get lost in exploring more about our past and our ancestors’ great accomplishments---let’s go back to our topic, we’ll take a closer look at how technology has contributed in shaping our educational system today and we’ll specifically dig deeper on how physical activities help in improving one’s academic performances.

Generations nowadays are literally tech geniuses and often rely heavily on computers, other digital gadgets and of course---the internet. This change has brought two opposing effects on human behavior when it comes to fitness and health. On the positive note, health-conscious individuals use modern-day technology to help them stay fit and healthy by joining yoga or aerobics online classes or follow healthy diet programs and so on.

While on the contrary, people who lack self-discipline tend to get addicted to online gaming which often leads to obesity and poor health conditions due to lack of physical activities. Recent studies also show that such addiction can immensely cause a negative shift in human behavior. Oftentimes, the cognitive ability was greatly effective as well due to the inability to stay focused on lessons and difficulty grasping what is being taught by the teacher.

On the other hand, our educational systems experts aim to get the advantage of our modern-day technology to enhance the teaching and learning process even more. However, we cannot set aside the negative effect of it especially to our physical fitness and health.

Key Importance of Physical Activities in Improving Academic Performances

While we already know that staying fit and healthy is indeed beneficial to us as it helps us enjoy longer and sickness-free life, physical fitness experts have also proven that increased in physical activities can hugely help students to perform better in their academic endeavor, here are the reasons why:

1. Physical activities enhance basic cognitive functions

Studies show that increased physical activities helped students remain more focused on the lessons in a longer span of time. It has been proven as well that physical activities greatly improve memory retention thus improving their overall academic performance.

2. Physical activities help in keeping students well-engaged in the learning process

Studies show that increased physical activities among students create an eager-to-learn mind and healthy body. Students who are well-engaged in physical activities are more energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to learn.

3. Physical activities keep you physically fit and healthy

It combats health conditions and diseases. One of the perks of being healthy is it prevents you from being constantly absent in class thus improving your academic performances as you are always present and participating in discussions and activities inside your classroom. Physical activities also reduce the obesity rate among students. When you’re healthy, you can also join extracurricular activities which also helps you earn better grades.

4. It boosts energy level and improves mood

Some studies have proven the positive correlation between physical activities in school and the moods of the students. Those who are engaged in physical activities are more active and participative in class ---it has been observed that they have a contagious positive mood as well.

5. It promotes a better sleeping pattern

After a hard day at school---we’d all love to have a good night rest where we can have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Health enthusiasts promote physical activities as one of the best ways to improve sleeping patterns and even helps in curing sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders.

6. Helps improve academic performances through improved multitasking activities

You can also benefit from physical activities by improving your multitasking ability. As physical activities have been proven effective in boosting your basic cognitive ability, you’ll be able to do more as it activates your mind focus, clarity and alertness enabling you to work on several things simultaneously without being confused.

7. Physical activities that are developmentally appropriate to students improve retention and practical application

Aside from producing socially developed individuals, physical activities as already stated above improve your memory retention. Moreover, it also influences your decision making in a positive way thus helping you make guided decisions when it comes to your practical application of the theories and principles you have learned inside the classroom.

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