Are you looking forward to invest your money in an online trading company? Then it is extremely important for you to select an appropriate platform. This will assist you to stay away from frustration in the long run. Here is a list of top 5 online trading apps that are available for you to try out in 2017.


If you are looking forward to get hold of an online trading app that offers maximum profit within the shortest possible time, Financika is one of the best options available out there to consider about.

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This online trading app is ideal for amateur traders as well as experienced ones. Before trying out the app, you need to take a look at the Financika complaints and you never come across any. All the Financika testimonials are positive and they have impressed the traders. The Financika trading platform delivers free market updates to the traders along with daily analysis. It is possible for you to create a Financika demo account and engage with your trading activities, until you build the confidence to go out there and start trading in the real world.

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OptionsHouse has maintained an excellent reputation throughout 2016 and you can think about trying it out on 2017 as well. It focuses on helping the traders who are looking forward to maximize their profits in a convenient manner. This trading app has got one of the lowest price structures as well. In other words, the trading app offers an impressive commission of $4.95. In addition, you will be able to receive additional $0.50 per contract.


Fidelity can be considered as an award winning stock broker. If you are looking forward to enjoy the qualitative and quantitative services that are offered for traders, you can think about trying out Fidelity. The popularity of Fidelity is increasing on a daily basis. To provide a better service to the traders their commissions were reduced from $7 to $4.95 recently.


E*Trade is an ideal online trading app that is available for amateur traders. You can easily learn how to start your trading activities on this platform. Moreover, the chances of you ending up with success when using E*Trade is relatively high. In order to educate the amateur traders, E*Trade also offers comprehensive training material including videos. If you can invest your time to go through these videos, you will be able to end up with success.


TradeKing is one of the most popular online trading apps that are available for the people to try. The extremely low commissions associated with the platform have contributed a lot towards their popularity. This trading app can be recommended for the individuals who have a higher net worth. In addition, amateur traders can also think about starting their trading activities on TradeKing because they will be able to end up with amazing results within a short period of time.

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