Surgery for kidney stones like most surgical procedures can cause complications and involve long recuperation periods. You want to save your health and the cost and effort for surgical removal of kidney stones. Here are some of the top ways to eliminate kidney stones naturally, so that you don’t have to go for surgery

Naturally removing kidney stones is possible if the kidney stones are not too large. Sometimes, kidney stones can grow to be big, and then, surgery might be the better alternative. However, for patients with smaller stones, a natural way to eliminate kidney stones might be the better way to achieve elimination of the stones from kidneys.

Drink more water

If you drink more water, the fluid will help dissolve small stones. Also, fluids prevent the formation of kidney stones in the first place by removing excess minerals from the kidneys. You should check how much water you are currently drinking, and then improve on that count.

Eat fluid rich fruits

You should also eat foods that contain more fluids, such as fruits. Not all fluids are good for your health through, and may even add to the problem of kidney stones. Fluids such as tea and soda may not be ideal if you are planning to naturally treat kidney stones. Alcohol in particular can be very damaging to the kidneys, more so for patients with kidney stones.

Eat healthy meals

Try to boost the amount of fruits you eat. Some fruits such as berries and tomatoes are particularly good for the kidneys. They help the kidneys flush out excess minerals. These fruits contain minerals such as potassium that can help in flushing out the toxins from the body naturally. It does not matter whether you eat the fruits raw, as part of salads, or include them in soups and gravy. Another very powerful treatment for kidney stones is pomegranate. This fruit contains substances that will help remove mineral buildup from the kidneys.

Treating painful symptoms

While the kidney stones are being treated, many patients may experience pain. Even flushing out the stones from the body cn be painful. Therefore, using natural remedies for treating the pain can offer relief. one such remedy is lemon juice, which can help clear out toxins from the body, and also lead to lowered pain, particularly when mixed with healthy edible oil such as olive oil.

Mineral supplements

Some minerals help flush out toxic substances from the body. In the ideal course of events, these minerals are usually consumed through diet, when you eat the right fruits and vegetables. However, if your diet lacks these minerals, you can take them in the form of supplements. Supplements for magnesium can help you treat the problem of kidney stones to some extent.

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While many of these remedies can help remove smaller kidney stones, they can also help prevent the formation of new kidney stones. For an overall healthy lifestyle, you need to drink plenty of fluids, eat right kinds of foods, and avoid foods and beverages that can lead to the formation of kidney stones.