When I switched from educator to entrepreneur I quickly realized that I had to grow rapidly. I had so much to learn if I wanted to be successful in my new coaching business.

For starters, I needed to get over my fear of public speaking; learn how to market my business and figure out how to build a referral network.

Growth is inevitable and essential in today’s world where things are changing and moving faster than ever. We have a never-ending demand on our time and energy to learn more, be more and do more.

However, anyone who has had cancer, like myself, knows that there are situations where rapid growth can hurt. Personal and professional growth can also be harmful without prevention measures and a solid action plan.

Below are three strategies that are vital to your healthy growth and abundant success.

#1 Do not allow your desire for growth to go to the “dark side.”

Your eagerness to grow can become a liability if you begin to focus on EVERYTHING that you do NOT know. Don’t take on mastering social media, sales conversion techniques and building a referral network all at one time. You will become overwhelmed which leads to paralysis – a state of non-growth!

Focus on growth in one or two areas and identify what you want to master or accomplish during a specific time period. If social media (Facebook) is an area for growth, you may have this goal: I will set up a calendar of topics and themes for my Facebook updates for the month of May.

#2 Do not use your desire for growth as an excuse to berate yourself for not measuring up to others.

It’s healthy to think: I really need to learn how to communicate better like ________ who’s a top seller BUT becomes unhealthy and demotivating when it’s followed with: I will never be as good as him/her OR S/he is a natural born communicator and influencer (seller) and I am not.
Instead, when you compare yourself to others, ask a powerful question like: What does s/he (or the top sellers) do well that I too can learn to do? How can I make learning this new skill fun and/or easy?

#3 Develop a growth plan that includes WHEN and HOW MUCH TIME you’ll spend on growth-related tasks.

If you do not place reasonable limits on your desire and need for growth, you’ll quickly become exhausted and ineffective.

Evaluate the demands of your personal and work life and determine if you realistically have the energy, time and resources for growth at that time.

BONUS TIP: Give yourself permission to be happy with who you are and what you have accomplished. I guarantee that self-acceptance does not make you lazy and unproductive. It leads to greater confidence and more energy which generates better results.

Increase your rate of success with a well-executed growth plan that prevents overwhelm and burnout. Your success depends on your ability to maintain your enthusiasm and healthy growth.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Brown, founder of Impact Coaching and Certified Life and Career Coach, helps entrepreneurs and other professionals identify their best-fitting jobs or careers which are aligned with their purpose and/or calling. Her services also include a six-step process to transform the challenges in one's current job situation.

Susan is a 15 year breast cancer thriver passionate about helping others fall more deeply in love with their life by living a significant, influential and joyful life.

A complete description of Susan's extensive training and experience along with coaching services can be found at: http://susanbrowncoaching.com.

Susan is the forthcoming author of Thrive: Your 30-Day Game Plan to Triumphant Living.