As a life coach who has had more than 8300 over the last 16 years, I can tell you with certainty that three simple shifts in your point of view will cure your recession blues, lift your spirits and get you back on the road to a personal recession recovery plan.

The first shift is towards gratitude. The mind, which I have lovingly nicknamed The Drunk Monkey, is not focused on gratitude. The Drunk Monkey in your head is designed to seek out that which might be dangerous and avoid it so that you can stay alive longer. This is good news for the survival of our species! Not such good news for your desire to feel good and live a fulfilling life.

Today, take back control of The Drunk Monkey and focus its incredible computing power on how amazing your life already is. Notice everything in your life that works. Soothe The Drunk Monkey’s concerns by helping it to see that your life is not THAT bad. Could it be better? Yes. But, the truth is, you already have many wonderful and exciting things happening in your life now. Placing your attention on what is working will help you to relax. Remember, Albert Einstein had the epiphany “E=mc2” in a relaxed state. The Drunk Monkey is a better problem solver when you are relaxed. What are you grateful for?

The second way to kick the recession blues is acknowledgement and appreciation. The Drunk Monkey convinces us that we are totally alone in our problems. Yet, there are people all around you who are being helpful, supportive and kind even if it’s only in small ways.

For example: The person who smiles at you in line, the guy who holds the elevator door or your child drawing you a picture, are all examples of the supportive, helpful and up-lifting people. If you look, they are everywhere.

Today, take a moment and appreciate all the good people in your life. Say thank you to everyone who is supporting you even in the smallest way. Acknowledge the people in your life for the kindness they have demonstrated in the past, even if they are not so kind today.

The last step is to learn to ride the waves. Take a hint from the surfer. Waves come and go but one thing is certain. More waves are coming. The same is true in your life. A time of greater prosperity, happiness and peace is coming.

Today, notice how everything works in cycles. Up, down, forward and back. Nothing moves in a straight line. The key to staying optimistic and soothing The Drunk Monkey is to acknowledge the cyclical nature of life. You might find yourself in a trough, between the waves of productivity. Don’t panic. Another wave is coming. Use this time to reconsider everything, rethink your life and speculate about what life could be like if it was exactly the way you wanted it. Surfers take advantage of the time between waves to regain their energy and be ready for the next big surge. Do the same.

The Drunk Monkey is attracted to singing the blues because it believes that keeping potential danger in mind will help you solve the problem or avoid it. Unfortunately the opposite is true. The more you sing the blues, the bluer life becomes. Today give The Drunk Monkey a new song to chant mindlessly in the background of your life: gratitude, acknowledgment, appreciation and the transformative wisdom that “this to shall pass”.

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