Let's take a look at what many psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and ordinary people report on a regular basis, and see how each can positivity (and powerfully) alter your future, and fortunes as a result.

Not only are the 3 psychic premonitions, predictions and feelings below very common, they are also very powerful ... and have the capacity to completely transform your life in amazing ways.

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Everyone has these at one point or another, an when they become a pattern, or happen frequently, can suggest that you may have deeply buried memories that may be worth exploring. While many people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of past lives and reincarnation, there are many times where the evidence is SO overwhelming, and the premonitions persuasive and so powerful, that exploring previous lifetimes becomes a logical (and FUN) exercise.

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The world famous psychic medium, Chico Xavier, at age 27 predicted he would die at 90 years old on a day of great national celebration in his home country of Brazil. There are many documented examples of famous psychics and mediums who have had well known premonitions of their own deaths years in advance ... and these often get lots less "press" than their predictions about other famous people. (but are often much more impressive like above) An end of life prediction by a psychic or medium can be very empowering and very motivational as well ... simply because most mediums DO N'T believe in death at all, and simply are giving you a timetable to focus on the things you are most passionate about, and here to accomplish before the next world beckons.

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Remember, everyone has insight, intuition and the ability to see, feel and sense things that have yet to happen. And while some clairvoyants and psychics have a heightened sense of what your future looks like, the good news is, everyone can either get outside help and intuitive advice when they need it ... or, develop their own abilities with practice!

Probably the most common and well sought after advice from a psychic are love and relationship predictions. And while not all psychic predictions for love are right, or accurate ... when they ARE, I've seen lives completely turned upside down and completely around on the basis of ONE big "a-ha" moment.

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