The treatment for childhood cancer is mainly based mainly upon the type as well as the stage of the cancer. The main types of treatment that are used by the best oncologist in Gurgaon for childhood cancer are Surgery, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy.

In some cases of the cancer in children, the treatment mainly involves high-dose chemotherapy, which is followed by a stem cell transplant. Presently, there are newer types of treatment, such as targeted therapy drugs and immunotherapy, that has shown successful results in treating some childhood cancers.

There are only some exceptions, but chemotherapy has proven to be really effective for children. The children’s bodies are able to recovering a better way from chemotherapy as compared to the adults’ bodies. Such intensive treatments offer doctors a better chance to treat the cancer effectively, but there can be more short- and long-term side effects.

Unlike chemotherapy, radiation can often cause more serious side effects in children than in adults, so its use sometimes needs to be limited.

The children with cancer and their families require special attention at the children’s cancer centers. There is a team of experts who are well aware of the differences between adult and childhood cancers, as well as they also understand the unique needs of the children with cancer. This team usually includes:
• Pediatric oncologists
• Pediatric surgeons
• Radiation oncologists
• Pediatric oncology nurses
• Nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (Pas)
The team also includes nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, nutritionists, rehabilitation and physical therapists, as well as educators who can support and care for the children and their entire family.

It is also recommended to interact with the child’s health care team about the possible side effects of the specific treatment plan and palliative care options, before treatment begins. During and after treatment, be sure to tell the child’s cancer specialist or other health care team member if the child is experiencing a problem so it can be addressed as quickly as possible.
The children’s cancer centers offer the most up-to-date-treatment by conducting clinical trials and they often conduct many clinical trials at any one time, and in fact most children treated at these centers take part in a clinical trial as part of their treatment.

Such trials also the best way for doctors to learn better methods for treating the cancer. As it has been observed that the trials might not be right for every child therefore it is advised to ask the experts about the pros and cons of enrolling in one of them.

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