The Curse of Adam, and the Redemption of Mankind
Adam and Eve chose to live outside of the will of God. They had two off spring, two branches of mankind, the righteous and the unrighteous linage of Adam. The righteous line is the lineage of Abraham, that would carry the spiritual light of God throughout mankind’s History of spiritual blindness who like Adam, chose to live outside of the will of God.
One branch Adam and Eve, named Abel, who is the keeper of sheep. His offering to God for the sins of Adam and Eve, is a lamb. Prophetic of the ultra offering of the Lamb of God needed to bring God’s light into the world, that all sinners may find redemption from living outside of the will of God.
A Lamb is the meekness of all meek animals’. They are the least resistant to being led. They have the qualities of obedience and joy.
Cain: is a tiller of the soil. His offering was from the ground. The ground has to be tilled and seed planted before it can be productive. To till the ground it has to be stirred up, turned over, mixed up and watered.
Soil, means (soiled) dust, ground, matter. They represent all the beliefs that will spring up in the sowing, of a material existence, born of Adam symbolized by Eve as taken from Adams rib. They will be the spiritual darkness of the world. The curse of Adam’s disobedience is the ongoing stirring up of the beliefs, man produces life, not God. That man is a material being, not spiritual after God’s image, and that God is like man: it is ‘Idolatry’.
These beliefs God knew would lead to a tremendous darkness on the minds of man and an eternal bondage. God was not pleased with Cain’s offering.
Abele’s offering was to make atonement for the sins of Adam, through recognizing God as creator, and the true image of man and woman, in the likeness of God, as wholly spiritual. (without this knowledge there is no healing ministry), God knew this image would have failures in a world where cultural differences would spring up from the ground, (material beliefs) and would be the source of massive disruptive consequences, in the weather, and in His children’s experiences living on a troubled earth, enveloped in darkness.
Abel’s linage represents the righteous line of Adam whose redemption for man will be fulfilled in the birth, Life and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ of God. This is the fulfillment of Abel’s offering of the lamb, and will turn the tide of disobedience and bring redemption from the sins of Adam and Eve to all whom eat and drink from His cup.
Cain‘s image is the unrighteous linage, which follows Cain’s acceptance that materiality is from God, and his concepts of God is patterned after the ways of man.
These beliefs are the basis of sin, disease, and death. They are behind all the disruptions of earth. If followed, and without redemption, through the sacrifice of the lamb of God, (Jesus the Christ) they are the death of the spirit in man.
The atonement of Able would come to fulfillment in the coming of Jesus, into man’s darkness to fulfill the truth of man’s birthright, as the children of God. This is the light of the world.
True to his rebellious nature, Cain was jealous of Able’s offering and slew him. Prophetic of the crucifixion of the true son of God and the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ (holly one or one whole) of God.
Jesus resurrection is the beginning of man being resurrected from the beliefs man is material, by following Jesus in spiritual healing, reformation, and atonement. Man is to be restored to his rightful place as the son's and daughters of God. Our bit by bit part of the resurrection is our spiritual baptism, where the fruits of the spirit become our way of life. These fruits will be more prevalent in these last times as the light in the world is expanding to all nations through miracles of healing of body and soul.
When the unrighteous branch is cut off, the grafting in is the two righteous branches coming together ‘the Jew’s and gentiles’ to fulfill the atonement of Christ, and reuniting with God, through spiritual healing and salvation from the darkness of the world. As the darkness is lifted, we will see the earth as it has always been, not seen since mankind chose to live outside of God’s perfect will.
From the beginning, the branch that is to be cut off, are those, like Cain, unwilling to follow the shepherd, thus choosing the ways of matter and its self destructive knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is the only knowledge that is God’s Truth.
The cultures of the world have clashed, and fought for recognition and is the false knowledge of God’s creation, culminating in mythology, and idolatry. The beliefs of life in matter, Cain’s legacy, must yield to spiritual knowledge, until the new man of God’s creating is refined through the fires (thoughts that motivate change) of tribulation.
Beliefs are stubborn, and deeply embedded, therefore do not easily yield to the pure Truth. Thus when Jesus said, in the last times, the harvest will include a separation of the tares and the wheat, and one will be burned and the other is the harvest, this meaning the sins (beliefs) of the flesh will be done away with forever, either by reform, or by man’ false choices, which are self destructive. They have no foundation in Truth.
I believe hell, is the accumulation of all the beliefs of Cain that have influenced man for six thousand years, first started as idol worship, ( self as creator) they kill man’s pure self image as the child of God. As man leaned on them for guidance, knowledge, survival, and reproduction, they became more and more embedded into their darkness.
Schools of thought became more sophisticated, and man named science as the search to understand the universe as matter and how it came into being.
Soon it became the itinerary for our children’s education, and the fight over dominance between Cain and Abel accelerated, as the political battle for freedom of the flesh, and freedom of the spirit topped out in these final days on earth as it is now. Thus, the necessity to save souls from the fires of hell, through Jesus Christ, the sacrificial Lamb of God, offered prophetically by Abel.
God being the creator of all that is in Truth, who through His great Love gave His children free will, wants everyone to return to the fold? Prophetically those whom try to slay the lamb, kill the prophets, and perpetuate the lies of the serpent, (suggestions we are as god’s if we chose to believe the lies of the serpent, that we are the creator of Life, and there is no God of the universe), will gather the fruits of evil in these later days, and will be the servants of theses demons of belief forever.
It is all the culmination of evil forces from the misused mental powers of mankind. It is Hell. The storms of self destruction have accelerated in these last times. God is Love, He does not destroy that which He created when He spoke and it is. God created all and it is good. He did not and would not create a hell for his children. Jesus sits on the throne of God, and leads all the angel's of heaven in the charge to rid evil from the thoughts of man. Healing is a major part of this end time’s rapture of souls.
My book is about God and my journey to know His Truth. By reaching out to Him at cross roads of my life, I received answers, straight from Him. God filled my heart for the yearning for true knowledge and in my journey, as I begin to understand, He told me to write my Book. “Who Made God” An Incredible Journey into the Light.” All that I studied gave me insight into His eternal identity. I took my Bible with me where ever I dwelt. This book is about my journey,
I had went to many churches over the years, and the concept that our creator is an avenging God, that He created sin, and that he punishes man, that death is His will, and He is in our image, did nothing to help me to know Him.
Helen M Nanney

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On my expert page, I am under 'spirituality'. That is kind of a misconception as it is more then that. It could be 'survival of the species of the one and only creator', or spirituality pertains to the world's viewpoint, not always based on Truth. I apologize for that as there was not much to choose from. I think ,'Christianity, might have been a better choice.
I apologize to those I have not accepted, as I do not mean to be disrespectful of any ones beliefs or choices. I have to accept only that which is in agreement with our creator from the knowledge of God I have learned or I would be living in deceit and self will. Helen