The Way to Success
Consciousness Based Education

Doesn't it just break your heart to know that young school-kids are being scanned for weapons when they enter school in the mornings? And that is for a reason. Conflicts, threats and high level stress and even violence fill the air at school. It is totally amazing that young kids and schools are faced with such intense STRESS.
Consciousness Based Education has transformed such “fight” schools to quiet, peaceful schools. Consciousness Based Education is based on development of consciousness as a basis for a better learning and teaching experience in all disciplines. For development of consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation.® technique is used that was introduced in the West by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early sixties50 .
This is a simple, mental technique for deep inner relaxation, stress reduction, and development of consciousness that is easy to learn and easy to practice. During “Quiet Time” in the classroom it is practiced sitting comfortably in a chair with eyes closed morning and evening for 10 minutes. These 10 minutes of “Quiet Time” may give your body a deeper and different quality of rest than you get in a good night’s sleep. When the mind relaxes, the body relaxes. You gain greater mind/body coordination that is accompanied by health benefits that have been explored in hundreds of research studies worldwide. Benefits include improved sleep quality, less anxiety, less depression; this would certainly be beneficial to most students. It relieves stress, tension and fatigue, leaving room for greater clarity of mind, focus, and happiness.5 It
Meditation is completely main-stream these days. Oprah does it, and wrote a special article about her TM-experience, and had her company learn, too. The whole company practice TM together morning and evening She says she is 1000 % better when she does this. David Lynch does it, so does Paul McCartney, Russell Brand and Russell Simmons. They all do the Transcendental Meditation technique and they love it.
David Lynch was so enthusiastic about it that he founded the David Lynch Foundation to help at risk children in inner schools. The Foundation has helped hundreds of thousands of kids to a better life. Being easy to learn and to practice, it is well suited for students, who can easily practice it together in class. No special beliefs or lifestyle are involved, nor any kind of religious affiliation. Every parent, deep in their heart, want the best for their children, want them to do even better than they themselves.

So it is very encouraging to find that, whole schools are being transformed through the use of this technology. Problems, conflicts, violence dropped dramatically students got better grades and got along better. Are you not curious to know what is the secret behind that awesome transformation ? It is a great delight to find that these same kids who were checked for weapons before, now can sit peacefully during the Quiet Time program at school and behave peacefully in class.
Consciousness Based Education also benefits college students. Research at The American University in Washington, D. C. showed positive effect on brain functioning, cognitive development, and less sleepiness in students (Travis, 2010).

To find out more:
Read the book “A record of Excellence” (2010) by Ashley Deans.
Watch the video “ School of Thought” by Hollywood film director, David Lynch with Donovan, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Hagelin.
They are a lively, concrete account of a consciousness based school, that has been in operation for a couple decades. Its achievements are truly amazing. The students excel in so many disciplines and at so many competitions including many First Place Awards at science fairs, Merit Scholars etc. in Fairfield, Iowa, USA You will find other similar schools in Detroit, San Francisco, Skelmersdale, U. K., South Africa and more.

Now what breaks my heart is that too few students get this kind of education to true success in life !

50. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1994, p. 260). Maharishi Vedic University. Maharishi Vedic University Press, Holland.

51. Scientific Research on The Maharishi Transcendental Meditation® Program and TM-Sidhi® Program, Volumes 1-5.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Rannie Boes received her Ph. D. in Vedic Psychology at Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, Fairfield, 1999. Originally trained as a pre-school teacher.
Post-doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, that has received 24 million dollars in research grants from National Institute of Health to study health benefits of the Transcendental Meditation® Program. Researcher at Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, co-author of several articles on brain functioning, etc.