Little did I think I would be called, “The Modern Day David,” but here I am, sharing huge secrets kept by the Catholic Church. Not the type of secrets most people have come to expect, but the secret about women being priests.

As my life has unfolded, I realize God had a plan that has revealed itself day by day, book by book.

In my book, Your Radical Truth, you are taken on a journey of the truth. Some would call it a history lesson while others would prefer to keep it conveniently hidden.

Dare you learn the truth?

One of my interviews about the secrets of the church

Author's Bio: 

Margaret Mary O’Connor has made it her mission to reveal the truth of Your Catholic Church. With a Bachelor of Science degree from the University at Buffalo (NY), and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, New York, Margaret Mary is a former Chaplain and is currently a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish.

Her background has given her a unique perspective on the very subject she writes and talks about; women in the priesthood.

As the author of Scandal in the Shadows, O’Connor uncovers secrets that were conveniently buried away in hopes they would never reach the light of day again.