Today the TV Show “Timeless,” takes its main characters back to a specific moment in History. Being present in a particular Historical time frame affords one with a unique opportunity to meet a famous person.

What would your question to Jesus Be?

If you were so fortunate to happen upon the person of Jesus Christ, what might you be thinking? Being limited to only one question to ask Jesus, what question might you want to ask? In lieu of both the current Priest Abuse Scandal, along with the century’s old Women Priest Scandal, one question would hardly suffice here.

A Church Falling into the Quick Sand of Inertia.

As our journey continues, just as we are struck with the absence of any visible Church’s like we know them today, we also experience the refreshing loss of absence of the entangling roots from today’s Institutional Church.

We notice in particular, as these early Christians gather for Eucharist, they never in their wildest of dreams, could ever fathom a future Institutional Church operating out of complete inertia. The Catholic Church today is bound up by its own man-made Canon law, and its own refusal to change laws which continue to hinder any Catholic’s Baptismal rites to not only the Eucharist but to women, once again, being allowed to be Priests again.

Author's Bio: 

Margaret Mary O’Connor has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Buffalo, and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary, in East Aurora, NY. She is a former Chaplain and currently is a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish in Buffalo, NY. She literally walks the walk, on picket lines to help keep the issues of Women’s Ordination and Church Accountability on the Priest Sexual Abuse Issue, at the forefront of any Catholic’s attention. As a fellow member of the Laity, herself she believes any Catholic, deserves at minimal at least the truth from Rome, as opposed to the continual out right deception they are receiving. She also is a member of Call to Action, Future Church, Roman Catholic Women Priests, Women’s Ordination Conference, and SNAP, (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.) Buffalo Central Terminal, Restoration, Preservation Buffalo Niagara, and Western New York Land Conservancy. Margaret Mary is the recipient of the Special Award for Achievement from the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course. She also enjoys Gardening, Pilates and reading Mystery books.

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