Daniel 9:24–70 weeks of years spanned 10 Jubilees, but if we come 50 jubilees to 1995, Pope John Paul went to the UN and Pope Francis also in 2015–20 years later.

Peter said, Be not ignorant of 1000 years, but what does this have to do with the jubilees? If we integrate them, 490 + 490 more = 980 with 20 years at the end, marked by papal visits.

This brings us to a time of judgment in the previous verse–things ‘reserved unto fire for the day of judgment.” This reminds us of the fiery volcano in Hawaii and unprecedented fires in California.

We are entering a time of judgment with major events on New Moons since Hurricane Florence in Sept, Hurricane Michael in Oct, Paradise lost on New Moon in Nov, winter storm Diego in Dec, Gov shut down in Jan, Pope’s “Peace” with Muslims in Middle East in Feb…when they say ‘Peace & safety,’ sudden destruction comes” 1Thess 5:2,3.

See the video here, https://youtu.be/pVBzzqMwEzg

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy. His book, The Destruction of Jerusalem (1st sign in Matthew 24 & Zech 14) is at https://amzn.to/2nUdaBd ($2.99–they offer a free app to read on phone or computer)