Great prophesizers like Celsus, Daniel, Nostradamus, Vegilatin and Father Welter Ben say that Era Transformation will be the ultimate and most extraordinary event of this century. No one can obstruct it. Many prophecies of these great seers are very important.

(1) In 1999 A.D. a great army general of an Eastern nation will land in Europe after traveling in air. At that time a war will be fought. The air craft of this general will be covered with some invisible power and hence even a unclear missile will not destroy it. At that time Paris will experience a downfall along with other powerful Western countries, who merely give importance to materialism.


(2) The entire world will be governed by one world government situated in a particular region of the world. One language and one culture will exist. Urban population will diminish a great deal. Communication technology will advance so much that people will send their thoughts to others far away just as a radio does.


(3) The Golden Era (Satyuga) will commence with human beings below the age of 25 years. Senior citizens will refuse to give up their age old beliefs. At that time a great saint will be born in India who will revolutionize the entire world with his sacred thinking. He will have innumerable followers. Amongst them certain people who catch on to old beliefs will fail to imbibe this saint’s teachings. Despite this a new generation of world humanity will easily imbibe all that this great saint’s tell them to and will hence work hard for neo creation. People will be full of hope and injustice, cunningness, cheating, fraud etc. will be replaced by universal love, compassion, generosity etc. Righteousness will be established in the world and dishonestly will be uprooted. By the year 2000 A.D. this picture will become more clear.”

(4) According to ‘Imamey Akhikajjana” a Divine Messenger will arrive in the 14th century. He will lead people towards the path of truth, righteousness and justice. Thus the entire world will be uplifted.

On the basis of Bhrigu Samhita, Shri Swami Aseemandji writes – “Once again, like Lord Ram and Krishna in the past, a Great Incarnation of God will manifest in this world. He will be a devotee of Savitri and like Lord Budha, will be a Mahayogi who will awaken all his Chakras (plexuses). With his power of austerities, he will ward off diseases prevalent in the world. He will uplift the poor and the downtrodden. People will on their own identify him and will serve him devotionally. His aides will come from all regions of India and he will tie India with the thread of a single sacred culture.”

When such a revolution will manifest, world humanity will get attracted to India and a new era will come into being. Until this Golden Era manifests, man will undergo great hardships. There is a possibility of a portion of the world’s population decreasing due to natural calamities, strife, in - fighting etc.

In the same way Mexican’s leading prophesizer, Mr. Aharo Amaya predicts that neo creation will definitely occur. He writes – “The years between 1970 to 2000 A.D. will be full of dire situations in the entire world. During these times circumstances pointing to a 3rd world war might engulf the world. Despite this, since today’s political leaders are well aware of the terrible results of nuclear warfare, a gigantic war may not be fought. Of course! World humanity will have to face dire situations. Uptil 2000 A.D. man will face earthquakes, hunger, famines, floods etc. After this a Divine Power will manifest in the world and will induce mankind to live a life of sacred ideals.”

While warning the President a week in advance, Mr. Amaya advised him not to travel for a few days. This warning was conveyed to President Kennedy but he called it a blind belief. Within a week Kennedy was assassinated while traveling in Texas, U.S.A. In the same way, Amaya had predicted that Johnson would not be re-elected as President. Mr. Amaya’s prediction about India’s progress and leadership too is as mentioned above.

All leading seers of the world have predicted in one voice that widespread turbulence will be seen in the entire world. This will revolutionize and transform the world. It will destroy the sinful, unethical attitude of today’s man and will establish a new religion, based on sacred ideals. Then world humanity will live like loving brothers. Thus the world should strive hard to usher in world transformation and hence peace.

Today illegal activities are at their peak in the world. In order to fulfill political goals, so called educated people do not think twice before using illegal and unethical means. Arrogance is widespread and has shamelessly crossed the boundaries of discipline, which India was well known for in the past. In the past women were looked upon as jewels of motherhood but today they are treated indecently. The Cosmic Power (God) will no longer tolerate this state of affairs. In a certain sense neo creation is God’s sacred desire. One should deeply study as to whether the above predictions are in anyway connected with God’s plans. If even a small portion of it is true, wise people should wholeheartedly join in this sacred endeavour of neo creation.

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