“Lord Kalki will take birth in Sambhal village in the family of Vishnu Yash Sharma. He will worship Savitri and Lord Parshuram, an inhabitant of Mahendra mountain will be his preceptor. After handing over the kingdom of Mathura to Suryaketu, he will then live in Haridwar (India) with his wife. After combating with Buddhists, he will re-establish a true religion in the world.”


“After Kali Yuga ends, religion will decline, vanity will be on the rise and at that time in order to encourage true Brahminhood, the taintless Incarnation of God will manifest.”


“Once again Mathura will get credit for inducing a religious revolution in the world and giving it a new vision.”


“An organization will destroy vile thinking in the entire world and will replace it with a thought revolution.”


“A power that will give new light to the world, has already embodied in the world.”


“Arjun! My birth is not an accident.”


“Whenever righteousness declines on earth and unrighteousness takes over, I incarnate on earth for the upliftment of righteousness and culture.”


Lord Krishna had incarnated on earth when injustice, unrighteousness, terrorism etc. ruled the world. Brothers would kill each other, or a brother killed his own nephew shamelessly etc. Thus there was pain and sorrow everywhere. A few extremely wealthy men lived in pomp and harassed the predominantly downtrodden men of society. People forgot true religion and faith in God. Lord Krishna had incarnated on earth at that time so as to replace this dire world situation with peace and prosperity. Even other incarnations of God before Lord Krishna replaced dire situations with recreation of the soul. They saved world humanity from drowning in the dark gloomy well of materialism and thus uplifted them. All this has been described by Bheeshma of Mahabharat fame. After describing Krishna’s incarnation, Bheeshma said – “At the end of Kaliyuga (Dark Era), when righteousness will decline, when vanity will augment, Krishna will again incarnate on earth so as to re-establish righteousness and true Brahminhood. He will be “Vishnu Yasha” i.e. possess God’s glory. Even demi-gods with their individual powers will manifest on earth with God’s incarnation, as His aides. This has been described in Puranas.”

Today’s circumstances are most appropriate for God to incarnate on earth. In the first chapter of Kalki Purana (13-14), it is said that when Krishna entered His abode after finishing His task on earth, righteousness, joy and peace prevailed on earth. Thus one era ended and a new one began. At the fag end of the previous era (end of Kaliyuga), due to mental taints of world humanity, sins were on the rise. Unrighteousness is neither a new or individual name. Instead it connotes sins, bad intentions, unruliness and social chaos. Unrighteous’ wife, Mithiya i.e. satisfying sinful desires is due to falsehood. Unrighteousness and falsehood manifest vanity. Their daughter is egoistic showing off, wrong expenditure, blind fashion trends, net of desires etc. Vanity and delusion sire children called greed and lewdness. If they are obstructed, anger raises its hood. This in turn encourages violence. Thus Kaliyuga is the confluence of falsehood, vanity, greed, lust, violence etc. Men eat things that they should not, their psyche is vile, their speech is false, their body emits a foul odour of alcohol, drugs etc., they gamble a lot, they run after gold and cash greedily and thus they lose their youthful nature. When diseases are on the rise, when Yajna, charity, austerity are ignored, when the caste system gets distorted, when brothers cut each others’ throats, when a son loves his brother-in-law more than his brother, when the preceptor-disciple bond is broken, when so called saints indulge in lust, avarice etc., when men and women get married on their own, when there is no love lost for one’s parents, when only one’s dress mode is given weightage, when a true saints’ feet are not worshipped and when all religious programs of the world become chaotic, it means that Kaliyuga has reached its peak. At that time in the mire of Kaliyuga will bloom a lotus called Nishkalank Avatar or Taintless Incarnation.

There is not much of a difference when you compare today’s circumstances and those predicted in the past. If we analyze today’s so called progress, we will wonder as to how great saints of the past like Shukadevaji and Sutaji predicted the evil taints of today’s modern times. All said and done, situations are already being etched for neo creation of true religion. Scriptures maintain that today the Taintless Incarnation will definitely manifest for neo creation purposes, else scriptures and a divine resolve will be proved wrong.

That Maharshi (great saint) who has realized God, manifests intellectual powers that supercede the intellectual prowess of all scientists of the world put together. Such saints are subtle sighted, scholarly and farsighted seers. Whatever they predict, always comes true. Great incarnations of God have manifested in the past on earth and in future they will continue to do so. Even if the world fails to recognize an incarnation of God, he gets recognized by his righteous duties, gigantic tasks and divine power.

Certain awakened souls take birth along with an incarnation of God, so as to carry out his world mission. In order that these aides do not drown in the ocean of sins, taints etc. scriptures have well in advance written the history of neo creation. Although the style of scriptural texts is symbolic, even then it can be understood with the help of a subtle sight. They have subtly elaborated on the activities of the Taintless Incarnation and this they have done with the help of symbols, stories etc. If the Kalki Purana is read with a sharp, subtle intellect, we can understand that although this Taintless Incarnation is born as a human being, his class, lineage, actions, thoughts, emotions, profession, nature etc. are totally taintless. Sin can never touch this Incarnation, unrighteousness and falsehood never come in his vicinity, he will be a realized wise saint and as innocent and pure as a child.

In the second chapter ( 7th verse) of Kalki Purana it is said that Kalki Incarnation (Avatar) will manifest in a village. His father will be well-known (Vishnu Yash) and his mother will possess a sacred intellect. Many demi-gods will be born on earth well in advance so as to help this Taintless Incarnation. They will be born with a resolve of manifesting Satyuga (Golden Age) again on earth. The Taintless Incarnation will remind these aides about their resolve. Thus they will work hard to re-establish righteousness on earth.

The river Ganges i.e. river of wisdom washed off Kalki’s bodily identification since the incarnation had taken up a human body. Thus Kalki’s psyche became purer. Savitri washed God’s body i.e. Savitri induced divinity and vital force (Kalki Purana 2/ 16). Before Kalki’s birth, his 3 brothers had already taken birth (verse 31). He had 2 sons (8/36). Seeing his son’s greatness, his father said; “Son, now I will get your thread ceremony (Yajnopaveet) done. I will give you the knowledge of Savitri i.e. Mother Nature. After worshipping Gayatri, you must study the Vedas (verse 35).”

In verse 40 a description is given about Kalki’s nature. Further, true Brahminhood has been described. Kalki asked his father – “What are Vedas? What is Savitri? How can man become a true Brahmin?” His father replied – “Son, Vedas are Vishnu’s sayings and it describes God realization. Savitri is the Mother of Vedas. Those who worship Savitri, attain God without any other guidance. Brahman (Cosmic soul) is God’s beginningless, imperishable, eternal and formless nature. When man merges his soul with God, man becomes God which is like a pot of water (man) entering the ocean (God). Until man does not unite his psyche with God, he cannot become a true Brahmin. In order to fulfill this promise, a Brahmin symbolically wears the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet). Thus man escapes the snare of desires, taints, sins etc. and marches ahead towards his spiritual goal. He vows to perform austerities, Mantra chanting, self-study, self-control etc. As long as such true Brahmins exist in this world, it will overflow with joy, wealth and bliss. The day such Brahmins’ number declined, man embraced unrighteousness. Son! You must become a true Brahmin and uplift the entire world.” Kalki was very pleased and he was given the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet). He was then sent to study the Vedas.

A Brahmin child (who becomes an Incarnation later) gets ready to enter a Gurukul (Preceptor’s school). At that time comes Parshuram, who performs austerities on the Himalayan mountains called Mahendra. He gives Darshan to Kalki and takes him to Himalayas for God realization based penance. A detailed symbolic description of all this is given in the 3rd chapter (1-11 verses). It is important to understand this story Lord Parshuram by teaching Kalki, Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Samveda, self-realization etc. bestows on Kalki, a divine bent of mind.

In the war of knowledge, awakened souls under the guidance of Kalki showed alertness of the level of war. In this manner by overcoming the minds of people who had a mere material outlook, they sowed the seeds of true religion and spirituality. They continue to change the world with their love, compassion etc. Further they warded off the hardships of all who were steeped in sorrow. These sorrowful people were given wealth, children, long life and family prosperity.

Kalki’s wisdom based Vajpeya Yajnas are carried out for a long time. The direction of the life of world humanity takes a positive turn. At that time he hands over the responsibility of these Yajnas to his Brahmin aides and sets off for intense austerities. After handing over Mathura’s organization to Surya-ketu, he started residing in Haridwar on the Ganges shores with Shukra(Aide) and his wife. (2nd Part, 1st Chapter, verse 46). Over here souls who manifested from Rishis like Vamdev, Atri, Vasishtha, Galav, Bhrigu, Parashar, Narad, Ashwatthama, Kripacharya, Trit, Durvasa, Deval, Kanva, Devpramiti, Angira etc. set off to have the holy vision of God (4 to 7 verse). They returned with a powerful resolve of transforming the world after hearing what Lord Kalki said. The Lord with his wife euologize Gangaji and roam freely in the Himalayan mountains. In the Urnavish chapter of the 3rd part (33-34 verses) it is said – During Kalki’s rule, none were unrighteous. Poverty, short life span, vanity, wiliness, envy etc. were totally destroyed. Everyone attained joy akin to demi-gods.

When in the past, God manifested in every era, He was not recognized as an incarnation (Avatar). It was only when God left earth for His divine abode, that people believed He was indeed an incarnation. It could be that a Divine Power exists in this era too. It could be that it is acting and behaving as mentioned above and that we have failed to recognize Him.

The circumstances under which God incarnates on earth, already exists today. Even astrological charts are very conducive for Him to incarnate. Keeping this in mind, in 1939 A.D. a meeting of Yogis, saints, scholars etc. took place in Uttar Pradesh. A detailed discussion about the Taintless Incarnation took place and everyone agreed that Lord Kalki had already incarnated on earth. The problem was that many Yogis, Sages etc. proclaimed that they were Lord Kalki. Thus how should the true Kalki be identified? The meeting proclaimed that only if certain characteristics were present in a person, would he be called Lord Kalki. The saints of this meeting wrote a book “Kalki Avatar” and distributed it in the entire country. Their aim was to overcome the delusion of disciples who believed anyone and everyone to be Lord Kalki. In this manner the appropriate Lord Kalki could be identified and everyone could help Him in His mission of world neo-creation. One part of the book said – “Lord Kalki will be the leader of a powerful organization. He will design a behavioural ethics right from spirituality to social life and it will be followed by the entire world. He will be the Scientist of all scientists and will unfold the inner mysteries of the soul.”

“Between the eyebrows of this Divine Saint will exist a Moon (V-shaped). On His throat will be a 2-lined Moon’s sign. He will wear a total Indian dress. His character will be as innocent as a child. He will be as daring as a valiant warrior, as youthful as Ashwini Kumaras and a great Scholar of the Vedas. His father will encourage him to follow Yoga. 24 letters will be very prominent in his life. At the age of 24, he will ascend higher peaks of Yoga. He will chant a Mantra of 24 letters. For 24 years he will perform penance which will include 24 thousand, 24 lakhs, 24 crores Mantra chanting etc. He will perform 2400 Yajnas”

According to Kedardatta Joshi- “The material status of India will rise rapidly. A power will manifest which will destroy vile thinking from its very roots. That power will manifest as a small organization and later, it will create a thought revolution in the entire world.”

Subtle celestial directions and the above beliefs of Astrological Sciences tells us that powers of world neo creation and a conducive atmosphere has already come into existence. Man’s tiny intellect and strength will fail miserably in obstructing it.

Paranhans Shri Rajnarayan Shastri, on the basis of astrological calculations says that – “Again Mathura will get the credit of inducing a spiritual revolution in the world so as to transform the present beliefs with reference to materialism. The horoscope of river Yamunaji shows that between 1970 to 1980 A.D. it will be given a more beautiful form between Delhi and Agra. Like Haridwar, Mathura and Vrindavan will become world pilgrim spots. Satyuga’s pilgrim centre will be Yamuna. Like Mahabharat one again Delhi and Mathura will touch the pinnacle of advancement.

The great devotee Swami Jagdishanand, while predicting that Mathura will be the centre of neo creation, says – “Mahagauri was in a deep meditative trance (the famous devotee of Bengal). Her soul reached Mathura. There she saw the 10th Incarnation of God i.e. Lord Kalki studying in a very old building in an Indian dress. Many times Mahagauri saw Kalki in her dreams in a sleeping posture.

Once George Babri, a great scholar of Egypt’s Secret Sciences, said – “A soul has been born in India who will give the light of a Golden Era to the world. His activities will augment independently around 1930 A.D. 14th September, 1936 will be the first day of a new era. On that day this soul will give up his garb of a human being and will manifest his divine nature. Despite intense opposition from ignorant people, he will manifest divine powers and thus jolt our age-old beliefs. After 1965 A.D., people will start realizing his divine nature and after 1970 A.D. he will fully manifest his identity as an incarnation of God. At these times the threat of a world war will loom large in the world. This terrible war will emit flames of destruction. As a result today’s leading civilization of the world will be destroyed so badly, as though they had never existed before. Later India will manage world activities. It will lead the world towards peace and brotherhood.”

In Patna’s Khudabaksha Oriental Library there is a book on Persian poetry written by Bukhara’s great saint Shah Niyamatullah Valli-Sahib. His fame as a great prophesier was even greater than as a great Saint and devotee of God. When one’s mind becomes pure, it is like a cinema screen on which the past and future events can be seen very clearly. This is clearly seen in Shah Valli’s life too, never expressed anger, never hurt any creature and would fast on the day if he even merely saw alcohol, meat etc. He would pray to God – “Lord! Please remove such objects from the world so that people do not fall prey to them.” He lived a life of truth and high ideals. This made his mind extremely pure and as a result he could easily see past and future events.

In this book he writes that “Japan and Russia will wage a war. (This war did take place in 1904 A.D.) An intense earth quake will take place in Japan. (It took place in 1932 A.D.) In the 1st world war Alfa (England) will fight with Jeen (Germany). England will win yet, 1 crore, 31 lakh people will die in this war.” This death figure was later confirmed by a British Commission Report. “Two Jeens (Germany’s 2 separated halves) will experience a tense relationship.” His prediction of an atomic explosion in the 2nd world war too came true. Thus all prophesies of Shah Valli came true.

Regarding India Shah Valli Sahib says- “This land will be taken over by foreigners from Muslim hands. Then Hindu – Muslims will unite and fight these foreigners and the latter will perforce leave. India will be partitioned into 2 nations and these 2 will fight so much that a threat of war will loom large. This will continue until the day Pakistan re-units with India. The Victor of the Muslim half (Pakistan) will be an Indian General of Muslim origin. Later both Hindus and Muslims will live in a peaceful manner” (The above prophesy has been published in Akhand Jyoti magazine well in advance)

“The 3rd world war will be horrific. America will be a predominant player in it. After this war, the English nation will be totally wiped off. India will emerge as a Super Power of the World. To achieve this status, India will undergo many trying times. On the face of it, the situation will be painful, yet such a Divine Messenger of God will be born in India who will gather laymen and make them valiant. These valiant laymen will challenge the beliefs of hard-core materialistic men and emerge victorious. Thus sacred, idealistic people will flourish in the world and they will in turn establish eternal peace and bliss in the entire world.

Kalki Purana, Mahabharat and other sacred literature have described the circumstances under which Lord Kalki will manifest. These circumstances exist today. American spiritualists have taken interest regarding Lord Kalki’s incarnation. Hence they set up a research committee to study the Kalki Incarnation of God. One American student has made this his topic of research. On the basis of copies of Hindu religious texts found in England, the above committee believes that Lord Kalki has already taken birth. According to the American Reporter 8th October, this committee is carrying out a detailed study on Kalki Incarnation in India.

The opinion of South India’s great Saint and Seer, Raman Swami Iyer, on the subject of “The Taintless Incarnation and Divine Messenger of this Era”, is most clear when compared to all other prophecies made so far. He writes – “Kalki will not come on a horse and that he will not carry a sword. In fact these are symbols wherein a horse represents energy. The meaning of Kalki’s riding a horse is that this Divine Incarnation will be so powerful that Cosmic Energy will work as per his will. Lord Rama had killed the terrible demon Ravan with his Divine Power. Lord Krishna too was an Incarnation because his Divine Power created tremors in the psyche of Kauravas and Pandavas. He was so powerful that all wise men of the world put together surrendered at his lotus feet. The horse symbolizes the fact that this great incarnation will be the most powerful being in world history.

A sword means an article used for cutting. Over here sword means cutting vile thoughts in the psyche of world humanity and not chopping off their physical heads. Kalki Purana clearly says that Lord Kalki will challenge all those people of the world who may be highly educated, yet who think only material gains to be the be all and end all of life. Materialism can certainly be the means but not the eternal end. He who destroys undesirable thinking of mere materialism, atheism, hoarding etc. will be Lord Kalki.”

Shri Iyer further says- “Kalki will be born near Mathura. The word Sambhal means a village on the shores of the Chambal River. Kalki’s work arena will be Mathura. His aides will come from other regions. He will be a great devotee of Gayatri and a knower of Savitri principle. He will skillfully cut vile thoughts with good thoughts. It is only he who will succeed in establishing those thought which are bang opposite to today’s trend of thinking. Many others will call themselves Incarnation of God (Avataras). They may even show some miracles, yet neo creation of the world will be well beyond their reach. Thus they will manifest like earth worms in monsoons and die in a short time. As against this Lord Kalki (in the form of a sint) will not only be the saviour of the Vedas but will also design sacred ethics for one’s day to day activities. Later on people will follow his thinking religiously. This Divine Saint will be a householder. Despite being very wealthy, he will live a life of “simple living and high thinking”. His wealth will be utilized for world welfare. These ideals of his will be imbibed by his followers everywhere and will create such an organization which will spread his priceless message across the globe. Women will be predominant amongst his aides. This extraordinary saint will change residence in the latter half of his life. At that time his Raudra (terrific) form will manifest. When people will tremble due to his terrific thoughts, his saintly wife will take over the reins. Later this saintly wife of his will lovingly bring back his followers who had strayed away from the path of spirituality. India will progress by leaps and bounds and this will influence even Russia and America. Both these nations will pale in front of the radiant aura of India.”

“Who will get the glory for being Kalki” Leave this answer to circumstances and time. Many Incarnations of God have been identified while they yet lived in the world. Hence there will be no problem while identifying the true Lord Kalki. The future Kalki may persevere hard to hide his divine identity, yet it will be futile. It is definite that a Divine Power has already incarnated to transform this era. How is it possible that the Lord will not fulfill his promise of “wherever unrighteousness engulfs the world, I will incarnate so as to re-establish righteousness in the world. World humanity will perforce walk on the path of truth whether voluntarily or otherwise.”

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