This information is based on the Bible that says God knows the end from the beginning. Multiple signs in 2015 signaled the end-time ‘day of the Lord.” They included a rare solar eclipse on the equinox followed by a blood moon on Passover. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31. The Hebrew word for “before” is paniym—it means facing the day of the Lord.

#1. “The day of the Lord comes as a thief, for when they say, ‘Peace and safety, sudden destruction comes on them.” 1Thess 5:2,3. The Iran Nuclear Treaty was ‘Peace & safety’ and the UN theme for 2017 included the words “peace and safety.”

#2. But then 125 nations opposed Jerusalem as capital of Israel and “the day of the Lord comes [with]…all nations gathered against Jerusalem to battle.” Zech 14:1,2.

#3. Islamic victory will be brief. The Lord will ‘roar’ from the Jerusalem, and the earth shall shake,” Joel 3:16. It will drive out those who are not in a covenant relationship because it’s the land of the covenant.

#4. Militant Islam will be stomped by a western coalition as Iraq was, seen in Daniel 8:4-9 where the horns on the ram represented the Medes and Perians (verse 20) but Gabriel said the vision is “at the time of the end.” Verse 17 and those countries are now Iraq & Iran.

#5. The great horn on the goat breaks, In the historic application, it was Alexander the Great who died early, but who is the great horn now? In Bible times, horns were used to make trumpets. Can we see a great horn or Trump[et]? The broken horn may mean assassination?

#6. Then four horns come up toward the four winds of Daniel 7 (marginal reference) and we see four beasts “that shall arise,” Dan 7:17. The imagery fits world powers today. A lion is the symbol of the &K with eagle’s wings, US. The bear represents Russia. The leopard with four heads can be China, Japan, Korea and India or Thailand? The dragon (4th beast, Dan 7) would again represent the nations of Europe with the papacy as the little horn that becomes very great with New World Order.

Only God could have picked those beasts 2500 years ago that fit today’s superpowers so well and it gives confidence that “the rest of the story” will play out as Scripture reveals.

The awesome picture of Daniel 2 is the disintegration of these superpowers for their bad laws in contrast to the wise laws given by Moses who is the central figure over the Supreme Court entrance, but the court mocked God’s laws by redefining marriage.

The Bible says that God is going to make “a full end of all nations,” Jer 30:11. Judgment is impending. The heads-up sign will be armies surrounding Jerusalem, Zech 14:1,2.

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